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Greg from Austin TX | Scuba Diver

I am a PADI Advanced Open Water diver. I have been diving since 2016. I have about 50 dives logged on my computer so far. Half of my dives were logged in Texas and the other half in the Florida Keys, Hawaii and the Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast.


Smithsgold - 7/20/2017 12:07 PM
Happy Birthday !!!!
wuzaracer - 7/17/2017 1:31 PM

Another video from Monterey, CA
Smithsgold - 7/20/2017 11:56 AM
Nice !!!
wuzaracer - 7/17/2017 1:30 PM

Video my my scuba dives in Monterey, CA
Smithsgold - 7/20/2017 12:06 PM
thanks for sharing
wuzaracer - 2/17/2017 6:00 PM
I learned how to cough with my regulator in while underwater. That was interesting.
Brian_V - 2/17/2017 8:51 PM
...sneezing underwater is pretty interesting too! But getting seasick during the dive is really the ultimate test for a regulator! Hasn’t happened to me yet but I have seen it a few times!
ScribeDiver - 9/29/2016 6:50 PM
How did you like the Clean Up? I was sorta afraid of too many different experience levels and not enough supervision going on. I’m not so worried for myself, but if there were a lot of people, I wouldn’t want to get kicked in the head or something stupid. :) Thanks for letting me know about the other dive shop’s group. I’ll be checking that out!
wuzaracer - 9/12/2016 9:30 AM
Lake Travis Clean Up 2016. All I found was beer cans and an old pair of sunglasses. It was fun to help keep Austin Clean and scuba dive.