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Devils Den

Devils Den by Jesicka.

diver858’s Profile Photo
Ocean Beauty Blanket
Paradise Basin
The Tower
Hairy Squat Loster
xracr96’s Profile Photo
Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Macro Thrills in Cozumel!

Macro Thrills in Cozumel!

Women Divers in the Yucatan! Amazing.

Women Divers in the Yucatan! Amazing.

Scuba Earth
Photo Recent Dive Site Comments
Texas-Grrl - 1 day ago
Rating Added: 2 Bad vis on our dives. Would like to give it another try and hope for better visibility....
Winterone - 2 days ago
Rating Added: 4 Fantastic drift dive. Lots of wild life....
Winterone - 2 days ago
Rating Added: 5 Sea was a bit ruff but the dive was incredible. Would highly recommend it to the intermediate diver as a must do. Not a cave or over head environment as such but gives you a wonderful large swim through experience....
Good dive on 11/25. Dove low tide due to having to drive from NJ. Two dives - first at Bull Point - 66 minute dive - min temperature 52F - dove out the marina cove and out to the island. Second dive was at the Boat Ramp Cove - 71 min dive - min temp ...
SpacemanCraig - 4 days ago
I went scuba diving here on 11/25/2015. Average viz: 16-20ft/5-6m. Water temp: Under 50°F/10°C. Check Out Dive while I was in Indiana for Thanksgiving Water Temp was 50’F and 45’F at the Thermocline...
MermaidAshley15 - 6 days ago
I went scuba diving here on 11/21/2015. Average viz: Over 150ft/46m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C. Amazing dive, Sand Tiger sharks, Sandbar sharks, Blacknose sharks, Sting Rays, Loggerhead & Green Turtles, sooooo many beautiful fish. If you haven’t be...