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Great Dive Sites in Hong Kong Great Dive Sites in Hong Kong
nicksvensk - 3 days 11 hours ago.
Great Dive Sites in Hong Kong Hong Kong may not be the first region that comes to mind when you think about ideal sites for diving, but it actually has several exquisite locations for underwater exploration. Though the water is a bit colder than most, the sea life does not disappoint! If you’re unfamiliar with the dive sites around Hong Kong, here are a few great locations to start: 1. East Ping Chau Island East Ping Chau Island is home to several different diving sites. This area is known to ha...
The Magic of Scuba Diving in Bali
tommydive - 6 days 10 hours ago.
If there is one important thing to known about scuba diving in Bali, it’s the fact that no matter what your interest or your skill level, there’s some exciting for you to see and do. It doesn’t matter what your experience has been, Bali has some of the most beautiful, yet challenging areas to dive anywhere. Are you a beginner? Currents that are gentle or nonexistent can be found in the areas of Padang Bay, Pulau Menjangan, and Amed. If, on the other hand, you are a more experienced and advanced ...
Tips on Shooting Underwater Pictures and Videos
tommydive - 12 days 6 hours ago.
With so many photo-taking options available today it’s hard not to splurge on opportunities as they come to us. It doesn’t matter whether you have it while eating watermelon while sitting on the back porch at grandma’s or skydiving, it’s always a good idea to capture the moment in pictures. So what do you do when you encounter the opportunity to take a shot while you are underwater? Fortunately, the world is so full of excellent equipment that not only takes good pictures but are specifically de...
Kelp forests and lobster diving in Malibu, California!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 12 days 22 hours ago.
Sunny Malibu Beach, along the South Pacific highway and close to Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Hollywood, offers some very interesting diving!
New Divemaster Packages
Richcoast - 25 days 18 hours ago.
Here at Rich Coast Diving we train quit a few PADI dive masters. Most come and join us for the 3 month internship and receive the top notch training that gets them ready to be a PADI pro anywhere in the world. The world is moving faster and people seem to have less time, everything […]...
Another Dive, Another Trip and Lobster Season
PSD - 27 days 7 hours ago.
Having not been able to put a SCUBA diving trip together for several years, I stumbled onto the diving trip of a life time. It is a group tour in July 2017 that originates in Vladivostok, Russia… and after eight days, ends back in Vladivostok, Russia. I wired my deposit last week. Other than that, […]...
Diving Fiji: The soft coral capital of the world! Diving Fiji: The soft coral capital of the world!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/18/2016 10:55 PM
Laying in the South Pacific with tropical waters and an amazing Polynesian culture - Fiji is a tropical paradise! Find out about diving Mellow Yellow in the famous Bligh Water after Cyclone Winston!
Million Dollar Point, diving in a huge US Army dump yard in Vanuatu! Million Dollar Point, diving in a huge US Army dump yard in Vanuatu!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/18/2016 10:55 PM
WRECKS, WRECKS, WRECKS! This incredible place is a dump yard with millions of dollars worth of goods from the US Army in clear South Pacific waters!
The SCUBA Beer fine rules! The SCUBA Beer fine rules!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/18/2016 10:55 PM
All over the world dive instructors apply the beer fine law for common ’mistakes’ made by new divers. Beer fines are there for a reason! Can you name at least 3 suitable occasions for buying your instructor a beer?
The ultimate shark encounter at Beqa Lagoon, Fiji! The ultimate shark encounter at Beqa Lagoon, Fiji!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/18/2016 10:55 PM
Get your adrenaline pumping and dive with countless sharks without a cage in Fiji! See Bull sharks, Tiger sharks, Silvertips and many other shark species in one single dive! Show time!
The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best IDC! The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best IDC!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/16/2016 1:23 PM
Are you a PADI Divemaster wondering where to do your IDC (Instructor Development Course) to become a Dive Instructor? Do you want to know where you can find the best teachers, dive centers and prices? Here is the ultimate guide to finding the right IDC for you!
The Ultimate List to Compare IDC’s! The Ultimate List to Compare IDC’s!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/16/2016 1:23 PM
Find the right IDC for you here with comparable information about different dive centers, Course directors! Including package deals, dive locations and prices!
Miracle rescue of UK diving couple lost for 7 hours in shark infested waters
Smithsgold - 9/13/2016 11:52 AM
Miracle rescue of UK diving couple lost for 7 hours in shark infested waters: Pair relive their terrifying ordeal after being stranded in a tropical storm Cumbria couple Jeff and Julie Byrne, both 52, were diving off Mauritius But boat left while they were underwater and did not return to them They were 50 yards from shore - but dive master said to swim out to sea A riptide carried the divers further out before a huge a storm hit the area Jeff felt two bumps from a suspected a shark during the 7...
Diving with Orcas
Richcoast - 9/12/2016 5:04 PM
I am sure we have all been to a sea aquarium at least once in our life, but hopefully now with all the commotion around Seaworld we know better. We are all signing petitions, to save marine capture, stop Dolphin torture in Tajij, or the Faroe slaughter. Facebook is exposing more and more and we are slowly […]...
Flat As A Lake! Another Perfect Sunday Dive!
PSD - 9/05/2016 6:13 AM
The swell map was solid blue around Palos Verdes and there was a big turnout at Terranea today – maybe 20 divers and a lot of new faces. I was the first one off the Point – it was like slipping off the rocks and into a lake. Having no idea where to drop on […]...
SS President Coolidge, the largest easy accessibly wreck in the world! SS President Coolidge, the largest easy accessibly wreck in the world!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 9/01/2016 4:25 PM
If you search for the best wrecks in the world, the SS President Coolidge is on the list! In the country Vanuatu, somewhere in the South West Pacific, you can dive a huge World War II troop transport wreck and previous cruise ship!
Local Lembeh, Maclearie Park Local Lembeh, Maclearie Park
m_grieco - 8/22/2016 5:13 PM
I struggled with how to categorize this article. I mean I have been to many countries with the sole reason for my trip revolving around diving. You can read all about those places in my profile, that’s not my reason for this article. Part of me hesitates in writing this as part of me wants to keep this local "gem" to myself; but that’s not what this site is about. Had it not been for one of the members on here, I would have never been introduced to this special place myself. Maclearie Park, Belm...
500 Dives And Still Alive!
PSD - 8/22/2016 6:06 AM
I arrived at Terranea Resort a few minutes after 8 AM, to what was going to be my 500th dive. There were maybe eight or nine divers there, but only three regulars – Reverend Al, BlueSteel and Libertarian Ted. It was decided to go off the Point. Unlike most other dives, I was actually waiting […]...
The risks of touching marine life! The risks of touching marine life!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 8/19/2016 2:46 PM
Have you been in the position where your dive guide or buddy showed you something by grabbing it? Did you wonder if this is good or bad behavior and WHY people always say NOT to touch marine life? Find out here!
Diving Bliss in Komodo! Diving Bliss in Komodo!
tammer - 8/18/2016 1:15 PM
Diving BLISS...