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Circleville Twin Quarries - Cessna
Circleville Twin Quarries - Bluegill
Circleville Twin Quarries - Large mouth
Wheeler Branch Lake - 3
Wheeler Branch Lake - 2
Wheeler Branch Lake - 1
USS Oriskany - Flags on the Mighty O
Trinity Caves - Cert Dive
vobster quay - WorldRecord188Santas
vobster quay - Vobster Santa 2015
Philadelphia Quarry - Philadelphia Quarry
Philadelphia Quarry - Philadelphia Quarry Under Dock Fishes
Philadelphia Quarry - Philadelphia Quarry Night Dive
London Diving Chamber - Chamber dive profile
Ginnie Springs - Running line to the Catacombs
Ginnie Springs - Entering the Eye
Ginnie Springs - Going down the run
Ginnie Springs - Exiting Little Devil with swimmer above
Ginnie Springs - Going down into Little Devil
Ginnie Springs - Approaching Little Devil
Ginnie Springs - After deco, the good bubbles :-)
Ginnie Springs - Deco in the Eye
Ginnie Springs - Exiting the cave via the Eye
Ginnie Springs - A view looking back at the Keyhole as exiting
Ginnie Springs - More Hill 400
Ginnie Springs - Hill 400 jump, a beautiful section of cave
Ginnie Springs - Rounding the corner of the Lips
Ginnie Springs - Entering high in the Gallery
Ginnie Springs - Sam inside the tannins of the Ear
Philadelphia Quarry - Philadelphia Quarry
Philadelphia Quarry - Sunk boat
Comal River - SIT ?
Comal River - entry
Comal River - MaskCam
Clear Springs Scuba Park - Pontoon dock
Clear Springs Scuba Park - AA jet trainer
Clear Springs Scuba Park - Everything’s ok
Wheeler Branch Lake - entry (guess the time/date stamp is a little off)
Wheeler Branch Lake - Kevin caught on Candid Camera
Wheeler Branch Lake - Bass curious about Bill
Little River Springs - River Spring merger back to steps
Little River Springs - Ramp view accessible during low levels
Little River Springs - View towards steps from ramp
Little River Springs - Looking back at the main steps from left bank
Little River Springs - Looking towards main steps, full river in view, water low
Little River Springs - From left bank, River steps in view
Little River Springs - Full Cave beauty and serenity
Little River Springs - tannic waters and deco/entry tree