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Michael from Colleyville TX | Scuba Diver

I am a retired Aerospace Engineer, pretty much willing to dive anytime. I travel quite a bit and like to have dive buddies wherever I go. I Need dive buddies, let’s go get wet!


rogcooper - 10/15/2019 11:29 AM
Mike, I’m a member of the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club ( in South Florida and we go diving in various places around the world. Also, we find world class diving right off the coast in South Florida. You can keep up with us on Facebook ( or on our website.
Fabian - 10/15/2019 10:01 AM
Hey guys! if you’re ever in Miami or North Miami and you want to do some good dive give me a call.
my boat it’s 5 minuts To the near rack C one Conception and much more.
Pokermon - 7/28/2019 8:41 AM
Mike, If you are ever in Pensacola during the warm months. Let me know. I retired in June and have some extra time now.
Constance - 7/14/2019 6:21 PM
Hi Michael, sorry, but I’m in the Northeast. There is diving here. I just dove in the St. Lawrence River last week and it was very enjoyable. Lots of wrecks, which aren’t my first choice, but at least it is diving. Good luck, Connie
MermaidDiver - 7/14/2019 5:51 PM
Hi Mike! Thanks for the buddy request.
You have been to some great dives! Amazing photos.
I’m still very new to diving. Wish I had gotten certified a long time ago.
It’s an incredible world and I need to be in it again!!
NinoB - 4/28/2019 10:18 PM
Hi Mike. I retired from LM Aero out west in SoCal (PMD/EAFB). Moved to Killeen where lady I married four years ago teaches. Began diving way back in ’60’s but out of it until just last year. Getting a hand on Texas lake diving. Just dove the Blue Lagoon yesterday. Vis was down a bit, at about four to five feet likely due to recent rains. First visit there and looking forward to returning.
TheGeekFreek - 6/18/2018 9:10 AM
Thanks for the add! Saw you are in Colleyville, TX. I’ve lived in Colleyville, grew up in Grapevine and all over DFW, and a few years in Waco. Where do you dive there? Anything inland? or just make the trip to the coast?
Solid9sand - 6/18/2018 12:00 AM
ill let you now next time i go to the blue lagoon i have a couple of buddies that like to go as well!
ScubaDoing - 11/19/2017 2:54 PM
Hi Michael, Love the Coki Beach Pic! I did my "Try Diving" dive there. I was hooked!
Parsonskm - 11/18/2017 10:36 AM

Thanks for the request looking for a Dive Buddy. I live in Virginia and dive Lake Phoenix often. It is a fresh water lake with many sunken items. I see you are from Texas and would like to hear about Texas Diving.
I am retired, Disabled Military Veteran.