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Christopher from Wilmington DE | Scuba Diver

I started diving in 2009. I joined our local County Dive Rescue Team in 2010, through the team I have reached the level of Public Safety Diver. I have been on several dive team call outs including 1 where I assisted our local state police with a body recovery. I have competed my training to the Assistant Instructor level and hopefully one day completing the Instructor course.

I dove the Epcot Aquarium, several dive sites in Curacao, Bahamas and Dutch Springs quarry where most of my diving has been done. Just dove Cancun 12/16 with Aquaworld. I’m looking forward to diving other destinations in the future.

Especially looking for dive buddies to dive Dutch Springs quarry in Bethlehem, PA but other places in the Tri-State too. Looking to dive other states also.


CBurgert - 4 days 14 hours ago.
Hello Christopher! I’ve only been diving Dutch Springs. This year I’m buying the rest of my dive gear and plan on doing a lot of Saturday night dives there this year.
divenow - 4 days 22 hours ago.
Hello Chris
I’ve been diving since 66 still love it. Heading to south Florida shortly. My friends own a dive shop in Lauderdale by the Sea dive dive dive.
Take care John
Mr_Peter - 4 days 23 hours ago.
Hi Chris,
thx for your request. Similar to you I also dive as a voluntary rescue diver in the bavarian red cross. So recovering and other task are not new for me too. Last week we dove in one of our local lakes. I will add a photo if I can do that.
kmasilamani - 5 days 1 hour ago.
Hey Chris, I am not a fan of cold water diving, but have done Dutch springs before, maybe we can dive there sometime this year. If you have never dove off North Carolina, I would highly recommend you try it. Many historical ship wrecks from WW2
scubasylvie - 15 days 16 hours ago.
I also dove at Epcot! and the shark tank at seaworld. It was so awesome!
chris6462 - 13 days 4 hours ago.
I thought the Epcot dive was pretty cool. Glad I have been able to dive other locations since then.
Marti - 28 days 19 hours ago.
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the add. I used to go to Dutch all the time, but since I don’t have a car anymore, I haven’t been for a while. I’d be interested in going again in warm weather. Love the opportunity to work on skills and just we under water for a while.

Cheers and happy holidays,
chris6462 - 28 days 14 hours ago.
maybe we can arrange some time at dutch springs next year.
Marti - 27 days 17 hours ago.
Sounds great.
TioJoe - 11/27/2016 1:39 PM
Hello Chris,

I go to western PA a couple of times a year, but had not thought of diving a quarry. I have dove a few of the holes at Florida springs, but the very limited marine life has been a turn off.

Was to have made a long weekend dive off West Palm Beach. Hurricane Mathew cancelled that one.

Next up is a week in June on Roatan with a group being put together by the local dive shop.

Take care, dive safe,

Joe .
shakadiver - 10/21/2016 11:36 PM
Thanks for the add Chris. I was stationed at Dover back in the mid 80’s. I wanted to get certified back then but couldn’t find enough people to form a class. The people in the DelMarVa area were the best as well as the people I served with. Impressive certs. and dedication to public safety!
chris6462 - 10/22/2016 7:33 AM
Thanks for accepting my request. Small world. As you can see I didnt start my dive certs until 2009 so I started late in life too. Yes, I have completed a lot of certs since 2009. Hoping to complete my insturctor cert in 2017.
chris6462 - 12/17/2013 6:37 PM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
Basic Scuba Gear Quiz