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Brian from Gilbert AZ | Instructor



mike2645 - 10 days 12 hours ago.
Thank you for the add Brian. Looks like we are almost neighbors.
ScubaTrucker - 3/27/2017 10:58 PM
Thanks for the request. Do you do any Tech Wreck diving?
Brian_V - 3/31/2017 9:13 AM
No, wrecks aren’t my thing. I’ve dove a few, but I’d rather see reefs!
Alam - 1/02/2017 6:25 AM
Thanks for the add Brian
9dreamer - 10/10/2016 8:29 PM
Hi there,

Let me know if you’re ever diving Monterey. I can dive there on weekends.
Summer_Fun - 9/07/2016 7:08 PM
Thanks for the friend request. Looks like you are pretty much an expert with all the certifications that you have. They are pretty impressive. I am just getting started on my scuba journey so any advice you have is always welcome!
Diver_Aaron - 8/31/2016 12:19 AM
Hi, Brian! Thank you for the request.

I’m excited to be a part of the community and I’m hoping to gain enough experience to photograph new dive sites in the South Texas area.
Karen6605 - 8/09/2016 7:29 PM
Thanks for the add.
Boo-v - 4/26/2016 5:24 PM
Thanks for the add!
Krabberkris - 12/12/2015 6:12 PM
Thanks for adding as buddy here on the forum , Brian. I will be taking trips to San Carlos a few times a year now that I have my certification. I also like to swim in our local murky lake at Pleasant.
Brian_V - 12/13/2015 9:56 PM
Kris, San Carlos is great, I dive there every October, love the place! I no longer dive the local lakes though, haven’t been in one in over 5 years, I think I have at least 400 logged dives in Lake Pleasant alone, but I’m just not interested in dealing with that type of diving anymore! Good luck diving my friend!
Vidyasagar - 12/12/2015 5:31 PM
Thanks for the add