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Ashley from Baltimore MD | Scuba Diver



TedG - 7/15/2018 10:39 PM
Ashley, any interest in trying Juturna? If you are in the Baltimore area it should be pretty close. It is about an hour for me, so I see it becoming a frequent practice spot. My kit is the shop for a few weeks but I’m thinking about trying to get a group together late July or early Aug to see what it is like. Photos and vids look pretty nice. If interested, let me know what weekends work.
JoeWR - 7/16/2018 9:43 AM
Hi, Ted. I was thinking of trying Juturna this summer as a day trip or overnight. I’m not sure when I’ll be free, so please let me know what you guys are thinking. I’d like to go if possible. Joe G.
akf - 7/16/2018 10:05 AM
I’m so down to check out Juturna. I’m pretty flexible so let me know when you’d like to go!
TedG - 8/01/2018 10:35 PM
Update: I’m thinking mid Sept at this point after they get their fill station up and running. I’ll be at DS on Aug 12 (fun) and Sept 1-2 (Rescue).
akf - 8/03/2018 1:44 PM
My August got crazy. My dates to dive are 18-19, 26 Aug. Pending the fillstation at Juturna I’ll probably just camp out at DS. Open to options, keep me posted.
TedG - 8/06/2018 12:30 PM
Updated Update: My August 12th visit to DS is delayed until 8/19. I’ll be there with a friend or two if anyone needs a buddy. We’ll probably be doing shallow dives and skills since at least one of them is getting back in the water after a very long break.