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Dive Shops That Hate Eachother
Posted by Rigdiver
Dive Shops That Hate Eachother
Rigdiver - 7/24/2008 1:05 PM
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Is there more than one dive shop in your town? If so, Do they get along with eachother or are there comments flying back and forth with divers choosing one and not the other. It’s interesting in some markets how truly "little" some people can be and instead of working on their own strengths and weaknesses, they tend to belittle the other dive shop and literally have their students "pick" one shop or the other.

Unfortunately this has happened in our city and the old "established" dive shop seems to have chosen the low road by trash-talking the "new shop". The owner of the "new shop" is just a laid back nice guy that honestly is looking out for the best of the students while the "old shop" has drawn a line in the sand and won’t allow anyone to dive with them if they didn’t purchase their gear from them.

I was just curious to see if this happens in other cities and if so, what do the divers think of it.



scubaclay - 8/22/2008 5:43 PM
As a shop owner I have experienced both ends of this discussion. I have been the subject of rumers from older shop owners, and co-operation from other shops. I beleive that co operation is the best way to go. If I do not have a service that other shop may have, I have no problem recommending them. It is up to the customer to decide which shop best fits what their needs are. You can maintain customers by being well informed about the products you sell or rent, and by knowing where to find a service or product that you do not have. You also get better response from your customers if you DO NOT bad mouth other shops. Keep your oppinions to your self.
Nitediver - 8/16/2008 9:08 AM
I’ve "suffered" from this first hand. When you’re a student and just learning it all, this attitude affects knowledge. As a student I did not know who to believe and had it not been for some really straight talking folks I don’t think I’d have ever gotten the information I needed to make an informed decision! Putting down competition only proves you have something to fear from them.
divemaiden - 8/08/2008 6:53 PM
I’ve heard of it happening. But I haven’t experienced it. One of the dive shops I go to, the owner is so nice, he won’t berate any one. If he has a low opinion of someone and feels a need to vent, he won’t name names. The other dive shop I go to, the owner won’t name names if he does vent bad opinions. I haven’t heard him talk trash about the other dive shop - If I did (or anyone else did), I’m sure he’d lose business.
GypsyDiver - 7/24/2008 5:28 PM

All I can say is , "Jealousy brings about remarks!!!!"