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Old Providence Island Day 1
tadeotadeo - 5/30/2008 7:22 AM
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Category: Travel
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Old Providence Island Day 1
I arrived a few days before Tim, aka members “Scout” and Lew, aka members “Mouthbreather”, on San Andres Island(SAI), visiting my wife and son. I plan to meet Lew and Tim at the SAI airport Saturday. Upon arriving at the airport, Lew spots me but we could not find Tim. Lew and I decide to give up our search after walking the airport twice and go for lunch. After lunch I drop Lew at the Airport and return home for my son and luggage. We meet up again with Lew and proceed threw the gate to find Tim crashed in the terminal waiting for the flight to Old Providence Island(OPI). Tim and Lew got acquainted as I attended to my 3 year olds high demand for attention. We boarded the small twin engine, 19 seat aircraft, I think Tim was more excited than I was on my first trip to OPI. Unfortunately the skis were a bit overcast and upon arrival to El Embrujo airport the wonderful view of the 7 colors, 20-mile long reef was not that visible. Lew said he had seen it before being he was a pilot and had flew into OPI before although he never stayed for the diving.
Upon arrival I felt that familiar feeling I get every time I reach the Island of Old Providence its something that just cannot be explained the islanders call it “El Embrujo”. My friend Jaime met us at the airport and taxied us in an old small pickup truck with benches in the back. Jaime took us the long way to the other side of the island where our hotel was so we could take in the scenic views of the island and its reefs. Although it had been just over a year since my last visit, I guess I should not have been surprised to see the small amount of progress they had made on the road construction, sometimes I forget what “Island Time” is all about, but it does not take me long to adjust to the Island Time. Lew is taking in the sites and looks adjusted and Tim is franticly trying to get al the photos in he can, I can see he has not realized what time he is on yet. We get to the hotel, checked in and decide to all meet up later. Later that evening join Lew and Tim drinking a beer watching the sunset, we have some great conversation and I retire early with my son as Tim and Lew go for dinner. I can clearly see they have both reached Island Time.


Greg - 5/30/2008 1:19 PM
Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you were able to meet some divebuddy members on your island!