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Old Providence Island Day 3
tadeotadeo - 5/31/2008 8:18 AM
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Category: Travel
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I did not catch up with Tim and Lew until after their second dive. I was taking my son and his newfound love to lunch. I seen the dive boat was in and decided to take a walk down the beach to see how their dives were and invite them for lunch. They gladly accepted, went to wash up and met us at the restaurant. I had a cold beer waiting for them and order them the fish of the day. What a great lunch with my new friends, enjoying great conversation about their dives and other subjects. We finished and headed down to Sonny’s to rent motos for them for the day. I introduced them to my friends I was staying with and Tim got a couple of history book to review. When Lew showed up they received a quick refreshed coarse in moto riding. We agreed to meet up again after dinner for a beer and they were off for a self-guided tour of the island and I went for a nap with my son.
Later that evening we had a few beers exchanged stories, ideas and conversation with my newfound friends from, said our goodbyes as I was leaving first thing in the morning. We promised to keep in touch and Tim even said he liked Old Providence so much he was sure he would be coming again soon, probable on my next group trip in September.