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Old Providence Island Day 4
tadeotadeo - 6/02/2008 7:19 AM
As always the minute I woke, knowing I was leaving OPI, I felt it again just like I have every time I have to leave. I packed my bags, woke my son and headed out for breakfast, the chief had gotten up early just for me that morning so I could have my breakfast before I left. Jaime was there waiting for me to finish and make sure I would not be late for my flight. Well I was still on island time, thanking and telling my friend goodbye I did not get loaded up until 7:45, the same time I was to rep...
Old Providence Island Day 3
tadeotadeo - 5/31/2008 8:18 AM
I did not catch up with Tim and Lew until after their second dive. I was taking my son and his newfound love to lunch. I seen the dive boat was in and decided to take a walk down the beach to see how their dives were and invite them for lunch. They gladly accepted, went to wash up and met us at the restaurant. I had a cold beer waiting for them and order them the fish of the day. What a great lunch with my new friends, enjoying great conversation about their dives and other subjects. We finished...
Old Providence Island Day 2
tadeotadeo - 5/31/2008 7:02 AM
The next morning we meet up again at Felipe Diving Center, Tim and Lew have already gotten acquainted with Felipe and were gearing up. I, unfortunately I was unable to dive on this trip and had too much work to do in my three and a half days in OPI. I was shocked to see about 15 other people also there, a group of mostly new divers from Bogotá. Fortunately it was there last day so Lew and Tim only had one day of crowded newbies. I chat a bit with Tim and Lew, took some pictures and seen them off...
Old Providence Island Day 1
tadeotadeo - 5/30/2008 7:22 AM
Old Providence Island Day 1 I arrived a few days before Tim, aka members “Scout” and Lew, aka members “Mouthbreather”, on San Andres Island(SAI), visiting my wife and son. I plan to meet Lew and Tim at the SAI airport Saturday. Upon arriving at the airport, Lew spots me but we could not find Tim. Lew and I decide to give up our search after walking the airport twice and go for lunch. After lunch I drop Lew at the Airport and return home for my son and luggage. We meet...