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Old Providence Island Day 4
tadeotadeo - 6/02/2008 7:19 AM
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As always the minute I woke, knowing I was leaving OPI, I felt it again just like I have every time I have to leave. I packed my bags, woke my son and headed out for breakfast, the chief had gotten up early just for me that morning so I could have my breakfast before I left. Jaime was there waiting for me to finish and make sure I would not be late for my flight. Well I was still on island time, thanking and telling my friend goodbye I did not get loaded up until 7:45, the same time I was to report in at the airport at but I could care less, I really did not want to go. Upon arriving at the airport I was the last one to check in but the plane had not even arrived from SAI yet. When it did I loaded up and bit farewell. The skies were mostly clear and the view of the island and its reef was spectacular. I hustled to get my camera from my sons backpack but only got a few pic before the captain came online and said that they had closed the airport in SAI due to bad weather and we had to return to OPI. I did not know what to think should I be happy I am returning or will I be sad I have to say goodbye again. I did get a chance to go into Isabelle to look for a few more tee shirts as gifts for friends back home. We got back on the plane around noon for the 20-minute flight. I was ready this time and got about 20 or so pics of OPI and the colorful waters. I will be posting some of them on for all who wish to see.

Upon closing I wish Tim and Lew a pleasant and safe trip. I know they will be able to share their experiences of OPI with all who wish to experience what cannot be explained only experienced as

“El Embrujo”, it is what you feel as you arrive, this will welcome you, and embrace you, and sadly bid you a farewell, lingering in your soul for your return.
Tad Miller