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San Carlos - 05/15/07 to 05/18/07
AirOn - 5/19/2008 6:35 PM
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Trip started out well, no stops at any of the check points. Check-In at the hotel was a breeze (I’ll blog the Hotel separate). The water was a bit cooler then last years trip. I was comfortable in just my 3mm Pinnacle wet suit. The clarity was down to 10-30 on this trip but the trade off was being closer to more fish. The cool water fish were out still as well as the warm water ones already. The schools of minnows were a really amazing sight to just hover and watch. Even when sitting out your surface interval you could watch them down in the water. There was a few types of small sharks (no big deal) and lots of rays. Many, many mid sized fish, even a puffer that was at least twice the size of any i’d seen before. It was at least a foot and a half from tip to tail, The water is actually a corective lense for me so the 30% magnification doesn’t apply. We saw a few Pacific octopi too, one had vents that were at least an 1.5" wide. One of them was sitting in a couple inches of sea vegetation and was probably about 8" tall laying flat in the grass. There was one eel that was about 6’ (I didn’t see the complete end of it but a dive buddy did.) that we saw down there too. Lots and Lots of Seals/Sea Lions were out to play at San Pedro Island (Seal island) My Dive buddy Tom caught the eye of one female seal. She was all over him and ignored all the other dives. We’d just follow along and she’d be swimming circles around him blowing bubbles and barking to him were ever we went. She would even just lay in the sea grasses at 20 feet and just lay there waiting for him like a mermaid trying to seduce a sailor into the depths. One of the female divers had an issue with the seals biting her fins at some point? I might clean this up and organize it with some pictures or something later... I met some great people on this trip. A few of them have accepted my invitation to join Dive Buddy. As I’d predicted, With 5 or so people canceling on me, this was a great trip! Even crossing back into the US at the border was less then 30 minutes wait time! I don’t think Tom (who drove us) ever had his windshield so clean. Every time we’d stop someplace someone would pop up and wash his They had a lot of new construction on the highway down there, looks like it might be a 6 lane highway? They had a lot of OXXO (Mexico’s version of 7-11 or Circle -K) under construction all along the route too. Everyone we met was extreemly friendly and nice to us from Mexico.