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Visual safety marker location
AirOn - 7/15/2008 1:10 PM
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Category: Equipment
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Quick post, I’ll fill more text in still...

This is how I’ve installed my Visual Marker, its easy to get but out of the way. I didn’t like it on my D rings hanging and flopping around.


Seaquest Balance BC, has a nice strap like connection at the back end of weight pocket.

ALICE Clip on Safety sausage velcro. This ALICE clip is from an old camping shovel. Its also been on dives with me over the last year with only the same rinse and soaks that the BC has been getting.

ALICE Clip & Safety sausage velcro attached to BC. The plastic hook is connected to the ALICE clip so that you can use it to locate and pull the gate on the ALICE open. It also keeps the ALICE clip from falling free when you undo the velcro to deploy the marker. It allows you to connect the marker to your straps and not just a D ring if you choose.

The It fits nicly into the space, you can reach it with one hand and remove it too. It doesn’t get any more streamlined then this. You can forget its attached until you need it.


AirOn - 7/15/2008 1:14 PM

PS: The pictures were taken with my new Sealife DC800 dive camera.

I hope to get it wet Friday :-)