Dive Master Training DMT, Diving, diving and DM manual reading (Day 6)
ScubaHaven - 5/25/2011 1:25 PM
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Dive Master Training DMT, Diving, diving and DM manual reading (Day 6)Location: BoracayDive sites: Yapak and Balinghai
My Dive master training began with a diving and it continues in same way. I have dived 3 times/ day and some of dive sites are getting familiar for me because i have been there several times. Because of on-going OWD trainings I have been in more times in dive sites like Coral´s reef and Angol Point because there are best conditions for training (shallow water, sandy bottom). So far I haven’t been OWD assistant but that time will be later. I have finished 3 first chapters of Dive master manual as Dive instructor advised me to do. Now I am ready for first skills.
First 3 chapters covers topics like The Role and Characteristics of the PADI Divemaster (chapter 1), Supervising Diving Activities (chapter 2), Assisting with Student Divers (chapter 3).
I was planning to go scuba gear shops but my instructor was too busy to join me so we postponed our shopping till tomorrow. I appreciate his consulting in this issue and rely on is opinion because he has more experience. Today I discussed with other dive master about wet suite and I made a conclusion that maybe 3mm long wet suite could be a best choice. Here short 3mm wet suite is warm enough but If I go to other locations or make several dives in one day then its nice to have long wet suite and it also provides protection against stings, scratches or jelly fishes. Also other professionals seems to prefer a long wet suite.
Few words about dive sites.
YapakLocation: 15min by boatDepth: 40mBottom time: 15minCurrent: Mild currentVisibility: 10m

This is one of the deepest dive site (no tech dive) in Boracay (maximum depth 70m). There is a steep wall and along its side is easier to dive because of mild current. There is possible to see big fishes like sharks (white tip, gray reef), tunas, groupers, napoleon or giant trevallies.
More about this dive site later.

BalinghaiLocation: 15min by boatDepth: 30mBottom time: 30minCurrent: Medium currentVisibility: 20m
There is nice to dive on that sense that not only flat bottom but small hills which you can follow. In this dive I saw 2 similar small banded sea snakes (coloured with black and purple in water). They don’t care so much if you go closer and they were so small that you don’t need to be afraid so much to be bite by them. That’s why I decided to take close-up photos and follow a little while one of the snakes. How they can swim so fluently when trying to find a pray from small holes or under rocks.

Banded sea snake

Banded sea snake
Banded sea snake
Hey, lets follow that guy ! Take a look on my video.

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