Scuba Haven Fiesta parties in real Pinoy style
ScubaHaven - 3/13/2012 2:27 PM
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Scuba Haven Fiesta parties in real Pinoy styleLocation: St.Dominic, Lapu-Lapu city, Mactan, Cebu. Philippines
Date; March 9, 2012
Guests: 15
Roasted Pork (Lechon Baboy): 4300php (74eur)
Bottle of 70cm Tanduay T5 (local rum); 57php (1eur)
Bottle of 35cm London Gin: 35php (0,60eur)
Can of San Miguel Pilsen (beer): 30php (0,50eur)
Outdoor Bambu furnitures: 2000php (34eur)

Scuba Haven opening parties and celebration of patron St.Dominic

I wanted to celebrate Scuba Haven opening and offer to my friends a nice and real pinoy Fiesta. I invited more people but because of so short notice 2 days we didn’t have a full house as it should be in real Fiesta parties but people who arrived was dearest to me and Ann. Although not so many guests we had so fantastic parties!
What was on “menu”.

- Lechon Baboy (roasted pig)
- Paklay
- Rice
- Alcohol- and non-alcohol drinks
- Karaoke
- Music
- Good company

To be honest I was surprised how its possible to make a real Fiesta parties with so small program but evening was success and guests enjoyed their time with us. Again it was proved that company makes a successful parties. Before dawn was a group of people who celebrated Patron St.Dominic what is also a name of our subdivision. People was carrying candles and praying and singing during a walk. Here are few photos.

Then guests arrived and special guest Mr. Pig was already on table waiting

It was so delicious and not only me who loved it!

After some drinks it was time for a karaoke. By the way karaoke is invented in Philippines originally but Japanese bough that idea from Philippine government. I was so surprised that I really loved it. Maybe this is my new hobby! Poor neighbours!

Here Aki is singing Ocean Deep.

2 divers and ex-collagues Aki and Mami.

My friend and dive instructor Edison and his family.

My finnish fiend Mikko and Rochelle.

Also some of Ann’s ex collages arrived to eat and sing karaoke.

I enjoyed so much! Thank you so much for coming!
Something about diving. Although i have my own diving business i have also worked as an dive instructor for other dive shops in area. I can learn something when i see how other dive shops does things. To get better and be a best in business... hehe...