Thresher shark diving in Malapascua with my Rescue Diver student from Hong Kong.
ScubaHaven - 5/12/2012 7:37 AM
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Thresher shark diving in Malapascua with my Rescue Diver student from Hong Kong.Location: Malapascua, Cebu, PhilippinesDate; May 12-14, 2012Dive sites: Monad Shoal/ Shark point, North Point, Deep Rock

My student who I already certified to Padi OWD, AOWD wanted to continue to Rescue Diver level We decided to make diving first in Malapascua for a few days before course. Malapascua is famous of Thresher sharks but three is also much more to see.
We left from Cebu Mactan International Airport 1pm with a private van to Malapascua. This time there were many road works so travelling time was longer than estimated 2,5h. We arrived to Maya seaport around 4.30pm. Banca boat was already waiting there for us. Lets jump in to boat and have a short 30min trip to small Malapascua island (Malapascua on background)!
Going to Malapascua Island by boat
After 30min boat trip we arrived to island. Island is divers paradise but as you can see that there is also beautiful white beaches and many restaurants and resorts. Place don’t have yet 5 star resorts for demanding taste and electricity was established there only few years ago.
Beach in Malapascua
Departure of dive boats
We stayed in hotel Cocobana what was pretty nice place for staying. Hot water, AC, big beds, nice view to beach. This was a view from hotel.
Cocobana resort
As we came for Thresher sharks we needed to wake up early to see those. Dive shops has a daily dive trips to Monad Shoal/ Shark point because that’s the main reason for divers to see those rare Thresher sharks. Fortunately resort was only 1 min walk from dive shop. I woke up around 4am and I arrived to dive shop 4.45am. Boat leaves 5am.
Early morning dive to Monad Shoal

Dive site: Monad Shoal/ Shark pointTank: EaN 32%Depth: 22,8mTBT: 35minVisibility: 20m

Heading to Monad Shoal
We were not lucky to see Thresher sharks in this dive. Dive shop gave 90% guarantee to see Thresher sharks but I guess we were not as lucky. I talked with local guides and they said that 5/6 last dives they saw Thresher sharks so pretty good chance. We used Enriched Air/ Nitrox 32% to increase bottom time and chance to see sharks. We arrived back to dive shop 7:15am.
Dive site: North PointTank: AirDepth: 22mTBT: 48minVisibility: 20m

Next dive was in North Point 9am. We had a breakfast before next dive. This place was like any common dive place in Cebu area so not so much to report about it. What was nice in this dive was Painted Frog fish what changes colours based on background. This frogfish was in red phase.

Painted Frog fish
Painted Frog fish
Painted Frog fish

This Ornate Ghost Pipefish was very nice.
Ornate Ghost Pipefish
Anemone shrimp

Dive site: Monad Shoal/ Shark pointTank: EaN 32%Depth: 23,1mTBT: 48minVisibility: 18m

Again early wake up and boat left 5am as estimated.

Heading back to Monad Shoal/ Shark Point
YES!!!! What a good decision to try again same shark point! There was 2 Thresher sharks, 1 Manta- and 1 Devil ray in a same photo! Divers who were diving there said that this was a best dive what they made there. At least 4-6 Thresher sharks. Only bad thing was visibility and we didn’t manage to make a good photos even when sharks were close to us (around 10m distance). Also photos of Manta ray wasn’t so good even though it was very close to us. Devil rays were in more far distance.
Shark in sight!
Shark in Sight!
Some photos of Thresher sharks.
Thresher shark
Thresher shark
One diver from our group managed to make so nice video clip.
Thresher shark in Malapascua (Video)What an amazing dive! I had so big smile after this dive and definitely TOP-5 dives in my dive career.

We decided to make still one dive.
Dive site: Deep RockTank: AirDepth: 17,4mTBT: 51minVisibility: 21m
Boat Departure
This place was very good for macro life. So many different species to see. Here are some photos.
Pygmy Seahorse
Pygmy Seahorse
Dorian nudibranch

After 2 days diving it was time to relax and watch sun-set. Island is not only for divers because of beautiful beaches.

That was end of trip to Malapascua and time to go back to Cebu city. With a BIG smile!

Rescue Diver and EFR course in Cebu, Mactan.
After Malapascua was time to do EFR and Rescue Diver course. EFR course we did in hotel room of Marriott to make course enjoyable and relaxing. Cynthia didn’t have difficulties to make EFR course and she made a good result in EFR final exam. Next day we went to Mactan to have a Rescue Diver course. Course took exactly 2 days. During course we made 10 exercises, 2 scenarios, theories and final exam. Everything went well. Course was relaxing and not in too rush as its my philosophy as an Dive Instructor.
Congratulations to new Rescue Diver Cynthia!!! Well done!!!
Lisää kuvatekstiOne change has happened in my life. I work now as an VP, Process & Quality in Swiss IT company. I work half-time so I still have time for diving and students.