Dive Master Training DMT, Dive sites in Boracay, DSD and Full moon party (Day 29)
ScubaHaven - 6/18/2011 12:12 PM
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Dive Master Training DMT, Dive sites in Boracay, DSD and Full moon party (Day 29)Some words about my Dive Master Training (DMT). I have finished DM Manual with knowledge reviews, made first skill circuit training with my instructor (demonstration of 20 owd skills), assisting instructor with OWD students and conducted DSD briefing. What was interesting aspect in DSD briefing that it was my first briefing with a customers and customers were RUSSIANS! I checked few dive specific words in Russian and briefing went well! J But I will translate DSD briefing table in Russian for the next time. If someone don’t know what is DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) its kind of intro dive (2h) which is consisted of 3 sections (short theory, in-water practice and assisted/ supervised diving). Because I am not yet DM I cannot conduct in-water practice but I can help instructor and also help to “carry” divers by holding their air tanks.
Here is a photo when DSD customers are on bottom in knee position (before actual diving). Customers can also feed fishes while others takes photos.
DSD Divers

I have made now 54 dives in different dive sites in Boracay. I have listed some basics about dive sites depending on my experience so this is not an “official” list but can give some guidance for the new divers.
Dive sites in Boracay (22.5.2011-18.6.2011)

Name of dive siteDivesMax Depth
Average CurrentExamples of aquatic lifeVirgin Drop130MedPygmi seahorsesCoral´s Garden1218MildNemos, beautiful coral, white eye morays, lion fishes, scorpion fishesAngol Point821,4MildNudibranches, white eye morays, banded seasnakesCrocodile Island524MedNudibranches, beautiful coral, lion fishes, Friday´s Rock620MedOctopus, shrimps, jack fishes, scorpion fishes, yellowmargin moray, porcupine fishes, banded seasnakes, lion fishes, trevalliesCamia´s Wreck632MedNudibranches, lion fishes, sea basses, ribbon eelsChannel Drift130,1StrongOctopus, white tip sharkBalinghai422MedBanded seasnakes, turtles, porcupine fishesYapak440-70Med-StrongJelly fishes, trevalliesLDB (Lagoon De Boracay)721MildNudibranches, lion fishes, jellyfishes,

Some words about dive sites. When customer asks me what is best dive site in Boracay its impossible to answer because dive sites are so different and people has their personal taste. Also its remarkable that same dive site can be very good in one time but other time not because of the visibility changes. Important element of dive planning is moon position against earth which causes Low and High tides (checking moon calendar). When we have a full moon then difference between Low and High tide is biggest. Rule of thump is that visibility is better when it’s a High tide but this is not true in every dive sites.
Some photos of today´s dives.
Coral´s Garden

Scorpion fish

Lion fish
 Camia´s Wreck.

Camias´s wreck

>Ryan pointing to flatworm

Racing stripe flatworm

>Racing stripe flatworm

>Camia´s wreck
Camia´s wreckCamia´s wreck


Full moon party in Jungle Bar (Station 3, around 1km from Main road)
In this month full moon was June 15th and its time when some places arrange full moon parties like Jungle Bar. It can last 1-3 days. We went to that bar which is on beach (east side of the island) and its middle of “jungle” as named. In that place were quit many western people but there was also one local woman dressed to traditional dress.