Dive Master Training DMT, Training program and test results (Day 50)
ScubaHaven - 7/09/2011 4:51 PM
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Dive Master Training DMT, Training program and test results (Day 50)Today is my day 50 in my Dive Master Training. At the first beginning I thought that around 30 days should be enough for training but I was wrong. There are several reasons why training takes more time and some of reasons are my personal choices. Here is a list of factors which can affect to length of your dive master training and should be considered before DMT begins.
- Available time for DMT (I have reserved 1-2 months for this and schedule is more relaxing)- Available time of Instructor (not busy with other students or customers)- Working with customers (part of training)- Experience of diving and industry (I wanted to make as many dives as possible)- Your ambitious and goals (are you satisfied if you only pass tests or are you aiming to highest score)- Personal capability to learn new things like skills or dive sites- Weather conditions

Dive Master Training is tailored training with Dive Instructor and usually we plan next day just day before. Dive instructor role is more like mentor than teacher. During my course I learned from my instructor and other divers just asking them or following what they were doing. Its always better to ask than trying to figure out all by yourself. You don’t need to make same mistakes than other ones has done.
It was a good choice to reserve 1-2 months for DMT instead of 1 month. Because of extended time frame I have learned things out from DMT scope like dive shop procedures, dive sites and gained some customer work experience. All that time has been really useful for me.
Here is a list of what I have done so far during my DMT.

DutyDescriptionDays(A)OWD AssistantAssisting instructor with AOWD or OWD students12DSD StudentsAssisting with DSD students (briefings, in-water teaching and assisting in water). First DSD was in Russian language.12Dive MasterBeing a Dive master for some customers (underwater guide, briefings)7All around guyGathering gears for customers, taking care of logistics31+Selling dive servicesSelling dive shop services and courses 6+Dive sitesLearning dive sites (navigation, place of interests)75

Few words about DM tests. As I mentioned earlier that getting a good results it is time consuming (like OWD skills demonstration) and it requires more practise. I practised OWD skills 3 times before scoring. Of course I want that every my tests will be on level 5 but on the other hand I need to proceed in my career and I can learn more during my career development.

Test results can be only between you and your instructor but I dont have any reason to hide mine.
Test results (average results in brackets)

Test(s) NameDescriptionScoring (1-5)Divemaster Skills (20)Demonstration level4 (4,4)400 Metre SwimAny style goes. I unfortunately was sick in this test and result was under my normal performance.3 800 Metre Snorkel SwimOnly with mask, snorkel and fins. 4100 Metres Inert Diver TowPushing or pulling. Its your own choice.515 Minute TreadLast 2 minutes with hands out from water5

Here are tests what I still need to pass.
- Theory final exam (based on DM manual and Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving)- 4 skin dive tests (easy)- Snorkel test (drinking all what other divers pour to your snorkel in your mouth)

What studies I still have.
- EFR Instructor training (1 day, not necessary for DM)- Special skills like seek and lift, mapping…

To remind readers about scoring...
Here are criteria and scoring for Divemaster skills.
Performance Requirement: Demonstrate all scuba and skin diving skills, scoring at least a 3 on each skill, and scoring at least 82 points total, with at least one underwater skill to a 5.
Score Criteria1 Candidate unable to perform exercise.2 Exercise performed with significant difficulty or error.3 Exercise performed correctly, though too quickly to adequately exhibit or illustrate details of skill.4 Exercise performed correctly and slowly enough to adequately exhibit or illustrate details of skill.5 Exercise performed correctly, slowly and with exaggerated movement – appeared easy.
Skills Score1. Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly ________________2. Predive safety check (BWRAF) ________________3. Deep-water entry ________________4. Buoyancy check at surface ________________5. Snorkel-regulator/regulator-snorkel exchange ________________6 Five-point descent ________________7. Regulator recovery and clearing ________________8. Mask removal, replacement and clearing ________________9. Air depletion exercise and alternate air source use (stationary) ________________10. Alternate air source-assisted ascent ________________11. Free-flowing regulator breathing ________________12. Neutral buoyancy ________________13. Five-point ascent ________________14. Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent ________________15. Hover motionless for 30 seconds ________________16. Underwater swim without a mask ________________17. Remove and replace weight system underwater ________________18. Remove and replace scuba unit underwater ________________19. Remove and replace scuba unit on the surface ________________20. Remove and replace weight system on the surface ________________21. Vertical, head first skin dive ________________22. Swim at least 15 metres/50 feet underwater on a single breath while skin diving. ________________23. Snorkel clear using the blast method after ascending from a skin dive. ________________24. Snorkel clear using the displacement method after ascending from a skin dive. ________________Total Score _______________

Here are criteria and scoring for waterskills and Stamina.
Stamina Assessment and DevelopmentThere are four exercises that evaluate stamina and water skills each rated by points. There is no passing score for any single exercise, but a combined score of 12 or more is required prior to certification. In addition, candidates must complete all exercises prior to certification.
Stamina Exercise 1: 400 Metre SwimThe candidate must swim 400 yards without stopping using no swimming aids and using any stroke or combination of strokes desired. If a candidate stops, the exercise is incomplete and must be repeated.Time Pointsunder 6 min 56 to 8 min 48 to 10 min 310 to 12 min 2more than 12 min 1stopped incomplete
Stamina Exercise 2: 15 Minute TreadUsing no aids and wearing only a swimsuit, the candidate will stay afloat by treading water, drownproofing, bobbing or floating for 15 minutes, with hands (not arms) out of the water during the last 2minutes. A candidate with a physical challenge that makes it difficult/impossible to hold hands out of the water is exempted from that portion of the exercise with no effect on the score.Criteria PointsPerformed satisfactorily 5Stayed afloat, but hands not out of water entire 2 minutes 3Used side/bottom for momentary support no more than twice 1Used side/bottom for support more than twice incomplete
Stamina Exercise 4: 100 Metre Inert Diver TowWearing full scuba equipment, the candidate must push or tow an inert diver in full scuba at the surface100 yards nonstop without assistance. Note that this is a swimming power evaluation (speed-againstdrag) not a rescue evaluation. If a candidate stops, the exercise is incomplete and must be repeated.Time Pointsunder 2 min 52 to 3 min 43 to 4 min 34 to 5 min 2more than 5 min 1stopped incomplete
Stamina Exercise 3: 800 Metre Snorkel SwimUsing a mask, fins, snorkel and swimsuit only (no BCD or flotation aids) and swimming with the face in the water, the candidate must swim nonstop for 800 yards. The candidate may not use arms to swim, unless the candidate has a physical challenge that limits leg use and arm-swimming is the individual’s normal swimming method while diving. If a candidate stops, the exercise is incomplete and must be repeated.Time Pointsunder 13 min 513 to 15 min 415 to 17 min 317 to 19 min 2more than 19 min 1stopped incomplete

And yes. I have had time to make few photos while fun diving. Unfortunately not as many as usually but still some.
Friday´s rock
 Dorid Nudibranches Willans chromodoris Peacock mantis

This place has many different kind of schools of fishes like jacks, giant trevellíes, cardinal fishes...