Dive Master Training DMT, My 100´s dive was in Boracay! (Day 38)
ScubaHaven - 6/27/2011 1:44 PM
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Dive Master Training DMT, My 100´s dive was in Boracay! (Day 38)Time flies here in Boracay. Today is already my 38th day in DMT. Before I began my DMT we agreed that training will take around 30 days but during this time I have manage to make also other things beside DMT (kind of internship) and its for sure helpful later in my career as an diver.
What I have done so far during DMT.
- Assisting instructor with DSD and OWD students- Made DSD briefings in Russian and English- Being a Dive master for some customers (underwater guide)- All around guy (gathering gears for customers, taking care of logistics)- Selling dive shop services and courses - Learning dive sites (navigation, place of interests)- Fun dives
What things I still miss or I need to improve
- OWD skills (20) demonstration practise (1 training circuit so far) - Theory final exam (based on DM manual)- OWD skills (20) demonstration with scoring (scale 0-5)- Swim test
I have been preparing myself for swim tests because I haven’t been swimming so much in past. If DMT and weather conditions allows (no taifuns or strong wind) I have been swimming 20-30min using freestyle and breath stroke.
Here are scoring for swim tests.

Stamina Exercise 1: 400 Meter
Under 6 min, 30 sec = 5
6 min, 30 sec to 8 min, 40 sec = 4
8 min, 40 sec to 11 min = 3
11 to 13 min = 2
more than 13 min = 1

Stopping = Failure!

15 Minute Tread
Performed satisfactory = 5
Stayed a float, but hands not out of water entire 2 minutes = 3
Used side/ bottom for momentary support no more than twice = 1
Used side/ bottom for support more than twice = Failure!

800 Meter Snorkel Swim
Using a mask, fins, snorkel and swimsuit only (no BCD or flotation aids)
and swimming with the face in the water, the candidate must swim
nonstop for 800 meters. The candidate may not use arms to swim.
unless the candidate has a physical challenge that limits leg use and
arm-swimming is the individual´s normal swimming method while
diving. If a candidate stops, the exercise is incomplete and must be repeated.
800 meters
under 14 min = 5
14 to 16 min, 30 sec = 4
16 min, 30 sec to 18 min, 30 sec = 3
18 min, 30 sec to 21 min = 2
more than 21 min = 1
stopping = Failure!

100 Meters Inert Diver Tow
Under 2 min, 10 sec = 5
2 min, 10 sec to 3 min, 15 sec = 4
3 min, 15 sec to 4 min, 20 sec = 3
4 min, 20 sec to 5 min, 30 sec = 2
more than 5 min, 30 sec = 1
stopping = Failure!
I have made 66 dives in Boracay and guided some customers. I have learned during my DMT more about dive sites here (navigation, places of interest) and more about dive site programs (moon calendar versus dive site selection) Here is a list of dive sites where I have been so far.

Name of dive siteDivesMax Depth
Average CurrentExamples of aquatic lifeVirgin Drop130MedPygmi seahorsesCoral´s Garden1518MildNemos, beautiful coral, white eye morays, lion fishes, scorpion fishesAngol Point821,4MildNudibranches, white eye morays, banded seasnakesCrocodile Island624MedNudibranches, beautiful coral, lion fishes, Friday´s Rock720MedOctopus, shrimps, jack fishes, scorpion fishes, yellowmargin moray, porcupine fishes, banded seasnakes, lion fishes, trevelliers Camia´s Wreck632MedNudibranches, lion fishes, sea basses, ribbon eelsChannel Drift130,1StrongOctopus, white tip sharkBalinghai422MedBanded seasnakes, turtles, porcupine fishesYapak440-70Med-StrongJelly fishes, Trevellers, LDB (Lagoon De Boracay)1221MildNudibranches, lion fishes, jellyfishes, Buruanga reef120MildFeather star, nudibranchesLaurel Island120MildBeautiful corals, balloon fish, banded sea snakes, black spotted moray, peacock mantis

I have been busy with customers and haven’t had so many chances to make photos but some new photos I have.
Here I assist DSD customers from Norway in Coral´s reef (photo made by Sea World)

>Erik and Anne with me in DSD
Friday´s rock

 Holthuis´Anemone shrimp   

Laurel Island

Balloon fish

> Peacock mantis  
  Banded sea snake
By the way Carlos (guitarist) from The Boss band in MO2 has learned a new trick.

Carlo´s and The Boss band