OWD and Jr. OWD course with Tiina, Vihtori and Nestori. Fun diving in Hilutungan and Nalusuan with s
ScubaHaven - 10/05/2012 5:00 PM
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OWD and Jr. OWD course with Tiina, Vihtori and Nestori. Fun diving in Hilutungan and Nalusuan with sOWD course price: 17,000 php Jr. OWD course price (age 10-14): 17,000 php
Time: 29.9.-1.10.2012
Fun dives: 5.10.2012

I recommended my students to make PADI eLearning first in internet before course. In this option we can finish course 1 day earlier than in traditional course. In eLearning option students don’t need to have a manual (with knowledge reviews) and don’t need to make a final exam. Only what they need to do after eLearning is to make a theory review and then we are already ready for dives. We finished all 5 confined water dives in training pool and we were ready for a open water dives. We master skills in training pool first and then we repeat same skills in open water. Course withhold also waterman ship skills what means either 200 m swim or 300 m swim with a mask, snorkel, fins and 10 min survival float.
Ready for open water dives.
Tiina, Me, Vihtori and Nestori
Front of heart Tiina, Vihtori and Nestori.
Tiina, Vihtori and Nestori

After a course we decided to rent a banca boat for a 1 day and make fun dives in Hilutungan and Nalusuan. Those places are good also for snorkelers and for children under 12 years old because maximum depth for them is 12 meters.
What a great dives and my students succeeded so well with dives! You don’t necessary need to dive if you just want to enjoy views, eat lunch in stilt restaurant and have a nice time. So Juuso and Richard also joined us.
Nestori, Tiina, Vihtori, Richard, Juuso and MeJuuso, Richard and Vihtori
Nestori and Tiina

Dive site: Hilutungan

Nestori is descending

Dotted sweetlips

Butterfly fishes, fusiliers, groupers, wrasses, puffers, hawkfishes, blennies, dottybacks, damselfishes et. etc.

Vihtori is taking a photo of Circular spadefish during safety stop.
Dive site: Nalusuan

Juuso was trying snorkeling

Sea star
Big mushroom
Common lionfish
Ringed pipefish
Dorid nudibranch

Boat staff helping boys to get back to boat after a dive.
Friendly staff.
Lunch with a live music in stilt restaurant. Food is as fresh as it can be straight from sea.
Thank you all for a nice course and diving day on boat. I am proud of my students and confident that they will do the right things in future dives. Hopefully we meet again soon.