Dive Master Training DMT, New diving equipments (Day 14)
ScubaHaven - 6/02/2011 2:43 PM
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Dive Master Training DMT, New diving equipments (Day 14)Location: BoracayDive site photos: Friday´s rock
It was time to buy new dive gears. PADI recommends to buy own gears while having DMT and its better to get used with your own set. When you have own equipments diving is much more comfortable and enjoyable so it was an easy decision to follow PADI recommendation.
I explored 3 different dive equipment shops in Boracay (Mares, Cressi and Aquaventure Whitetip. First I asked other dive pros opinions about gears and my instructors advices. Its notable that almost every divers has their own opinions and taste regarding to dive equipments so some times it made me confused. Anyway its always better to ask second opinion when you are buying your first gears. After some first guidance I began to understand what qualities and functions are good to have.
I began to be more confident and I made a shopping list and selected gears which felt suitable for me. When I selected gears I asked still my instructors second opinion before buying those.

This is my selection of dive equipments with prices.
I used these currency rates for converting.
$1 = P 44 €1 = P 60
From Mares shop I bought.
- Mares Wet suite Trilastic Deluxe S4. P 11.096 (€184,93)- Mares Mask X-Vision Mid. P 4.300 (€71,60)- Mares Fins Plana Avanti X3. P 1.880 (€31.30)- Mares Dive boots Classic S-10 (small). P 1.750 (€29,16)- Marker Buoy (tube). P 1.250 (€20,83)- Mares Snorkel Hydrex Purge clear. P 1.250 (€20,83)- Spring Cot (camera attachment to BCD). P 1.050 (€17,50)
Total: P 22318,80 (€372) (with 40% discount P 15.942 (€265,70))

From Aquaventure Whitetip I bought (convertion of US dollars).
- Aqua Lung BCD Pro QD (size medium). P 15783,24 (€263)- Apeks AT 20 Stage 3 Sets Regulator Octopus. P 11651,64 (€194,20)- Apeks Pressure Gauge Complete with Hose. P 3091,44 (€51,50)- Snapsights compact torch icom (4,7 watt cree ultra bright). Lifetime Led, waterproof to 400ft. P 1962,40 (€32,70)- Deep See Knife Squeeze lock stiletto tip titanium yellow. P 1725,24 (€28,75)- New World Reef Creature of the Tropical Pacific book. P 1833,04 (€30,50)- New World Reef Fish ID Tropical Pacific book. P 1909,16 (€31,80)
Total (+12% VAT): P 59515,46 (€992) (with 40% discount) P 42511,04 (€708,50)
From Cressi I bought only (-30% discount).
- Dive Alert Plus Ultra-Loud Dual Function Surface Subsurface. P 5.750 (€95,80)- Reel. P 1500 (€25)
Total: P 7.250 (€120) with a -30% discount P 4.350 (€72,50)

I ordered Suunto D6 Dive computer earlier which costs €850. Dive computer includes air pressure, depth, compass and it covers many of PADI Standard Equipment Requirements.
Instructors gets here -40% discount in most of the dive shops (retail price). This is my total shopping list with additional accessories, books and Suunto D6 dive computer P 140.085 (€2334,75) with a discount P 113.802 (€1896,7).
Total cost for The standard equipment required for certified assistants (divemasters) by PADI Standards is P 113.430 (€1890,5).
With 40% discount P 88.458 (€1474,3)
The standard equipment by PADI Standards includes.
· Fins, mask and snorkel· Buoyancy control device (BCD) and low pressure inflator· Primary regulator and alternate air source· Breathing gas monitoring device (e.g. submersible pressure gauge)· Depth monitoring device· Time monitoring device· Dive computer or RDP (eRDPML or Table)· Instructions for use for dive computer or RDP/eRDPML· Compass· Knife/diver’s tool· Adequate exposure protection appropriate for local dive conditions· Two surface signaling devices – one audible and one visible· Quick release weight system and weights (the lead is provided by dive center)· Compressed gas cylinder and valve (cylinder and air fills provided by dive center)

Some considerations what I made.
My instructor didn’t recommend me to buy Mares Wet suite because of lower quality but I decided to buy that one because of outlook, easy to put it on, user reviews in internet, price and mark. Later I heard from one dive instructor that she used a same wet suite but its stitches didn’t hold in sleeves (around wrist). But anyway she used that wet suite for 3 years.
Fins and mask I bought from Mares because of my instructor recommended and I bought same fins as he has.
BCD, Regulator and pressure gauge I selected based on instructor recommendation, easier to demonstrate to students if using similar model as they have, quality, simple mechanism, integrated weights and functions.

Here I am with new gears in front of Sea World (going to boat).

And yes. I have made many dives during my DMT (2-3 dives/ day). Here few photos from Friday´s rock.
Yellowmargin moray
 Yellowmargin moray

 Yellowmargin moray Scorpion fish (black)