Dive Master Training DMT, Training completed. I am a Dive Master! (Day 55)
ScubaHaven - 7/14/2011 12:57 PM
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Dive Master Training DMT, Training completed. I am a Dive Master! (Day 55)Now all tests, skills and programs has been done and passed. So its time to celebrate my PADI Dive Master certification. As you can see from counter above I finished DMT in 8 weeks. DMT took more time than I expected but my confidence level has increased all the time during training so everything has been useful for me. I have had an honour to work and grow with more experienced dive professionals. Thanks to them I have gained a level that I can be proud and confident to face new challenges in my new career as an diver. What is best in dive industry is continuous learning. If someone says that he knows everything about diving and dive industry its not true. Everyone has all the time something to learn about diving, dive business or nature complexity and diversity. That’s why this is an interesting field to explore.
Last tests.

Test nameDetailsScoringFinal theory exam80% needs to be correct of 120 questions96% (115/120)Equipment exchangeEquipment exchange except wetsuite and fins needs to be exchanged between 2 divers underwater using only 1 shared regulator. Passed

Equipment exchange test. My instructor said that I have still 1 test left and it will be a nice test (?). When I and other dive master was wearing dive gears he explained what we need to do underwater. All equipment needs to be exchanged by using only 1 shared regulator. Hmm… “lets try that I replied to instructor” and we went to water.
Here are photos and explanation of each steps (11)
Step 1. We decided to use my alternative air resource for shared breaths. Ryan is taking first 2 breaths from my regulator.
Step 1
Step 2. Ryan was breathing while I undressed my gears.
Step 3. I am ready for gear exchange and took 2 more breathes.

Step 2Step 3
Step 4. Ryan gives his gears to me.
Step 5. Lets exchange our gears. Ryan is now a poor guy without air while I was enjoying.

Step 4Step 5

Step 6. I am dressing Ryan´s gears.
Step 7. Ryan´s gears are now on.
 Step 6 Step 7

Step 8. Ryan´s BCD (S) was bit tight but I managed to dress it. Step 9. My gears looks so cool on Ryan!

Step 8Step 9
Step 10. Time to exchange weights. Step 11. Last item to be exchanged was masks before surfacing.

 Step 10 Step 11

Equipment exchange completed!

Few words about my previous career and new career.
I worked in IT/ Telecommunication 13 years in different positions and locations. At the beginning I was a programmer/ designer and consultant. Past 7 years I was working in management like project-, service- and quality management. As an service manager I build up service center in Russia, St.Petersburg (3 years, I established procedures and best practises and selected russian engineers). In my very last position I was responsible of product quality (giving acceptance to every programs in different stages) and continuous improvement projects in US Telecommunication company (process improvement).
My input and assets to dive industry from previous experience could be.
· Process development (certified assessor, Standards like ISO 11121 (Recreational Diving Services etc.))· Working in management· Extensive language skills (Russian, Finnish (mother language), Swedish, English)· IT/ System development experience.

What is going to be next???
I want to proceed in my dive career so I am already exploring options for my IDC (Instructor Development Course). One option is to continue taking IDC in a same dive shop (Sea World) where I took DMT. I know already staff there (great staff!) and dive shop procedures. But my interest is also to find a dive shop which could provide me IDC and future work as an Dive Instructor so I need to have discussions first.
So… next stories will be about DMT celebration (full moon party, snorkel test) and IDC (Instructor Development course). I will follow approximately same structure for IDC as for DMT.
IDC provider (dive shop) assessment and selection processCriteria for IDC provider (dive shop)IDC requirements and program structureStudies and programsIDC tests and scoring
So keep in tune and live with me in my new career development !
Thanks to my friend Mika who inspired me and introduced underwater world to me!

Balot! Yam!