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Anthony from WEST PALM BEACH FL | Scuba Diver

Open Water and Nitrox Cert Since April 2019

Conservative rec diver, always working to improve my skills. Currently about halfway thru AOW - doing it the long way, with 5 adventure dive carts. Hoping to be done by summer.

Always down for shore diving in South Florida, especially in and around Palm Beach County.

So far all boat diving has been through Scuba Works in Jupiter, also the shop with which I’ve done, and continue to do my training.

Sadly my wife has no interest in the sport, and I’m slowly building up a circle of friends and trusted dive buddies who share my passion and ideologies.

I believe in environmental stewardship and in respecting and protecting all marine life.

My diving style is pretty much by the book, safety first.

UPDATE 6/23/2020

Passed all requirements for AOW on 6/20/2020. Took the "long route" by doing extra certs in adventure diving and a few specialties:

Peak Performance Buoyancy
Underwater Navigation
Deep Diver
Drift Diver

Shout me up if you’d like to become better acquainted. I’m also active on Facebook: Facebook Profile


Hydrophiinae-Chris - 5/30/2022 10:05 AM
Hi, I am trying to build a list of local dive buddies here in Riviera Beach-West Palm area. Would you like to do some diving with me? I’m up for any type of diving anywhere from simple and local like at the Phil Foster Park to coordinating an offshore dive. I primarily work the normal work week-off the evenings and weekends.
LateBubbler - 5/30/2022 2:21 PM
Hi Chris, and welcome to Florida! Thanks for the invitation. I am also frequently ISO dive buddies as my wife does not dive. I’ve been at it for about 3 years and am coming up on 100 dives. I’ve got my AOW and am registered to complete Rescue Diver in mid June. I do most of my boat diving with SCUBA Works out of Jupiter which is the outfit thru which I earned my certs. I do a mix of deep/drift dives of reefs and wrecks, with a decent amount of shore diving, at Blue Heron Bridge and beach dives in the South (Broward county). Occasional / incidental trips to keys, Cozumel and Nassau. I generally work full time during normal business hours as well. However I recently got laid off and seeking a new gig. I’m an IT director, management consultant, PMO/project director and organizational change management expert. I’m active on Facebook and admin a diving group there and actively participate in others. Look me up and ping me and I’ll extend an invitation. There is an active and inclusive diving community down here and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to it. My full name, for Facebook and other social media is Anthony Perrone. I live in West Palm Beach.
LateBubbler - 3/04/2020 10:18 AM
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LateBubbler - 3/04/2020 10:13 AM
I made a 90% on the following quiz:
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I made a 90% on the following quiz:
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LateBubbler - 3/04/2020 9:55 AM
I made a 90% on the following quiz:
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LateBubbler - 3/04/2020 9:52 AM
I made a 90% on the following quiz:
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