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Rob from Rockport TX | Scuba Diver

I’m a former Marine, former lobster fisherman from Maine. Now I work as a software engineer from home and travel the country full time in an RV. Spending the winter on the Texas gulf coast and looking for folks to dive with locally while I am here.


Nikole - 21 hours 15 minutes ago.
Hi Rob - where are you diving near Rockport? I am in Corpus most weekends and would love to get some dives in.
captn_rob - 20 hours 16 minutes ago.
Right now I’m not. Checked out the south jetty in Port Aransas last weekend and the water was muddy looking. no Vis. Definitely up for suggestions!
captn_rob - 3 hours 15 minutes ago.
I’m about ready to just go anywhere even if there is nothing to see...
captn_rob - 3 hours 10 minutes ago.
Hight tide at the south Jetty in Port Aransas is 1:11 pm on Saturday. Visibility is a crap shoot I understand but I’m willing to give it a shot.
Nikole - 1 hour 6 minutes ago.
There’s an old wreck just off the beach around the 55 mile marker of PINS (Padre Island Nat’l Seashore). I’ve been wanting to check it out but haven’t yet. It takes 4wd to get down there and will definitely eat up a full day... just the drive down will take two or three hours, depending on how rough the driving is that day. It’s the AS Nicaragua if you want to Google it. I’ll post a picture too of what it was then and what’s there now in a few mins.
captn_rob - 42 minutes ago.
That sounds awesome :-). I have a 4X4 truck
captn_rob - 30 minutes ago.
Looks like we would have to pick a day with low surf/surge because it is very shallow and close to shore.
Nikole - 18 minutes ago.
Well it wouldn’t have been yesterday for sure... the water was rougher than I’ve seen in a while! Yeah it’s close to shore... I’ve almost snorkled out before but chickened out when I realized I couldn’t touch anymore and I wasn’t even halfway there yet 😜
captn_rob - 2 minutes ago.
send me an email. I will PM you my email address.