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Roger from Presque Isle ME | Scuba Diver

I am NAUI Advanced Open Water, NITROX and PSAI Cavern certified. Until now, all of my diving experience has been while on vacation in Florida and limited to the local springs and rivers. I will be flying out to Montego Bay, Jamaica in February of 2017 to try something new. Hopefully I can take some good pictures to post of my trip.


Smithsgold - 10/16/2017 2:58 PM
Got any dive trips coming up ?
ram04769 - 10/17/2017 10:17 AM
Good morning. I’m afraid I’ve got no dive trips planned yet. My vacations for this year are over with. But we still have to sign up for our time off for next year. At the moment though, I’m in the middle of reconstruction at my home. My kitchen and living room have been gutted out and are being combined into an open floor concept and I am having a covered deck built on the back of the house. Lots of work ahead and very little time before the snow begins to fall. Once the construction is finished, then it will be time to go shopping for all new furniture and appliances, and eventually, a hot tub for the deck. Now I just have to get the carpenters off of their butts and to get to work. LOL. With all of this going on, I do hope to be able to at least plan one dive trip in the coming new year. I have the air travel all taken care of with plenty of air miles built up. When I do olan something, I will let you know.
Kamdive - 10/17/2017 1:14 PM
busy busy busy !!!! Good luck getting it all done before the Snow !!!
ram04769 - 10/17/2017 7:21 PM
Thanks Kam. I certainly hope so. But, I doubt it. All I can say is, one step at a time. One of my trips in the near future will definitely have to be out your way just to say that I’ve been there.
Smithsgold - 10/18/2017 6:04 PM
There are some great place’s here in California to dive !!!
ram04769 - 10/18/2017 10:46 PM
That’s what I’ve been hearing. Will definitely have to go check it out sometime. Along with some other sites on the west coast.
Smithsgold - 10/19/2017 8:02 PM
Catalina is a nice place to dive we did it twice on a liveaboard a few years ago when the kids were little.
ram04769 - 10/21/2017 2:49 PM
Sounds pretty good. I will have to keep that in mind.
Smithsgold - 7/18/2017 10:58 PM
Hope you have a great Birthday !!!!
ram04769 - 7/19/2017 12:21 AM
Thank you very much Jeff!!!
Smithsgold - 2/28/2017 10:30 AM
How was your Trip to Jamaica ?
ram04769 - 2/28/2017 11:26 AM
Hi Jeff. The trip was awesome and I had a great time. I did a total of 5 dives and wish I could have done more. We stuck to the shallower dives ranging from 45 to 60 feet but I thoroughly enjoyed them. The crew of Dressel Divers was very professional and did an awesome job. I highly recommend them to anyone planning on diving the Montego Bay Area.
Smithsgold - 3/01/2017 9:57 AM
Nice !!!!
ChrisR - 4/20/2017 10:04 AM
Beautiful - some day I’ll go...
ram04769 - 11/19/2016 1:51 AM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Scuba Quiz
ram04769 - 10/25/2015 5:50 PM
I completed my NAUI Advanced Open Water certification on Oct. 21, 2015 through Ocala Dive Center in Ocala, FL. Bill Foote, my instructor did a spectacular job and I know I will be going back to complete my Nitrox and Wreck certifications with him on my next trip down. Part of my training was supposed to include ocean diving to investigate a wreck, but the waters were a little choppy with swells ranging from 8 to 12 feet, so we stuck to the inland springs and rivers to complete my required dives. On the first day of diving, SantaFeSandy joined us and brought along her camera. She is a wonderful lady and I hope to have the opportunity to dive with her again. She is also responsible for setting me up this this dive center and I appreciate all of her efforts that she put into making this an educational and memorable trip. I had an awesome time and with living in northern Maine, I already miss the 80 degree weather.