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Stephen from Tallahassee FL | Scuba Diver

Male, 66, have a 30’ sailboat in St Marks, a home outside Tallahassee, near Lloyd. Lots of horses and dogs.

Certified in the 60’s. Did a military stint in the Navy. Got out, and got married, then did not dive for 40 or so years. Did refresh of open water course again (2013), Nitrox course in October (2013). Looking for club or dive buddies in the area.


Kert - 3/18/2016 10:20 PM
Thanks I’ll be wearing my one piece 3 if I get warm I have my shorty thanks for the info I was looking at buying a hood I’m glad I didn’t again Thanks
Kert - 3/18/2016 7:23 PM
Well I’m going to dive Morrison but need to know what MM suit do I need I have a 3 and 7 mm boots and 3 mm gloves but don’t have a hood will j need one or not I just want to be prepared I hate to bother you with these questions but I am a new diver and really don’t know some stuff and no question is a stupid one is what I’ve been told Thanks for your time I really appreciate all your help and advice
searly28 - 3/18/2016 8:12 PM
3 mil is plenty. Springs run around 72 degrees year around. I never use a hood. Only wear the boots because of the fins. I only wear gloves in saltwater, and that’s for protection from jelly fish, barnacles and such as that. I have a one piece 3 mil I’ll use, but have used just the top of my 5 mil 2 piece. Actually got hot in that. I dove Vortex without a suit once. Got pretty chilled by the end of the dive, though. I’ve never used my hood, salt or fresh, though when the Gulf drops into the 50’s I don’t go or would be wearing the hood.
Kert - 3/18/2016 10:27 AM
Being that you have dived Morrison springs I was wondering could it be a 2 tank dive then get to the Jetties for high tide at 2:00 pm the same day if I arrived at the springs at sunrise
searly28 - 3/18/2016 12:33 PM
Sure. Morrison is one of my favorite springs. You can cover it all on one tank easily, but you can easily use two and just cruise around. They have a nice beach, board walk around the side to a good dive platform, large roofed over area (pavillion) with picnic tables. Shore dive or use the platform.
searly28 - 3/16/2016 7:04 PM
I’ve dove several of the Hathaway Bridge spans. All were boat dives. Thing with the gulf, sometimes the visibility is excellent, sometimes it’s down to 10 feet. You just never know.
searly28 - 2/09/2016 11:45 AM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
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searly28 - 10/23/2015 6:12 PM
Dove the Strength and Hathaway Bridge #1, in Panama City, with Bmax this past Wednesday. Visibility wasn’t great, at 15 so, but saw large schools of bait fish, and large Angels. Couple of Toadfish, too. Finished those dives and ran up to Morrison Springs to do the caverns, and rinse the gear off. Had the spring all to ourselves, as we got there late in the day. All-in-all, a great day diving with Brian. Long day, since I left Tallahassee at 5:30am and got home about 9:30pm.
Bmax - 10/25/2015 7:46 AM
Any way you look at it, the diving was Great all day!
Greg - 10/25/2015 6:25 PM
That sounds like a great day of diving!
searly28 - 9/28/2014 11:42 AM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
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