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Blue Lagoon
George1971 - 5/28/2010 7:15 AM
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Category: Travel
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We are going up to Blue Lagoon Tomorrow if any body is interested in joining us. We’ll be at Lagoon # 1 at "Off Nude Beach," and would love to share a great day of diving. Gonna be my buddy’s first time in Lagoon # 1, and we’re gonna be there early and stay late enough to get at least one night dive in.


Well, all in all a good day of diving...water temp was in the mid 80’s, sun was shining, water was good and clear. Not many divers in the water, but alot of swimmers. Got in two good dives, and then my primary reg blew it’s purge, so had to run up and rent the last one they had. Got two more good dives in, including one good nite dive buddy’s first. Getting him ready to take his advanced class. He had a blast, even though he wouldn’t go into the boat...but hey, you’re supposed to have fun and dive with in your comfort level, right? I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them developed....gotta get a digital camera!!!!


Greg - 5/30/2010 11:26 AM
Be sure to update this blog with info about your trip and maybe put some comments or photos on the dive site section: