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Blue Lagoon Weekend
George1971 - 9/19/2007 5:54 AM
Category: General
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Sorry such short notice, but I`ve been talking about a dive trip this weekend to the Blue Lagoon in Huntsville with some of my buddies here. Last night Sandy came up with the idea to post it here on the buddy board! Sorry for my oversight! :( Anyway, here`s the plan...Start around 10:30 Saturday morning and get a couple of dives in. Dive Saturday and Sunday. I`m gonna bring my little grill and some hot dogs, in case anyone wants to help with some food. I`m inviting anyone who wants to show up to dive with us and have a good time this weekend.
scubacub1 - 9/19/2007 1:13 PM
Well if all goes as planned, I`ll be doing my cert. dives at the Lagoon this weekend. If I smell hotdogs on the grill, I`ll stop by and say hello.
George1971 - 9/20/2007 12:37 PM
For anyone interested in joining in on the fun, I`ve made the arrangements for the Blue Lagoon weekend. Saturday we`ll be at Lagoon #1 at Gorilla Beach, and Sunday we`ll be at Lagoon #2 at Shelter #2. I should be there both days around 9 to 10 am. I look foward to meeting anyone wanting to come on out and dive. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice.
scubacub1 - 9/24/2007 5:02 PM
Hi George, Sorry I didn`t make it to your area at the Blue Lagoon this past weekend. The roads played havoic on my car and I didn`t want to chance anything. I did enjoy meeting you and hopefully we can dive sometime. I passed all my cert dives and am not certified. :) :) I hope you had a good weekend at the Lagoon. Louis
ckirk - 10/20/2007 10:50 PM
I would like to go back to blue lagoon some time soon . I love the water ther and found the sailboat alot of fun would you be interested?