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Cavern Diver Class
DivingFirefighter - 11/09/2009 9:12 AM
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Category: Educational
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Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve been on.. been even longer since I wrote a blog! This past weekend I did part of the dives for my PADI Cavern Diver specialty. We did two dives on Saturday. I learned some things besides the Cavern stuff. One I learned that even if a diver had more experience then you and more dives doesn’t mean they are a better diver or even a good diver. The diver in question was nervous as part of his personality which didn’t help is comfort level in the water. On at least two incidents this diver had major bouyency issues the first one he missed the 80 ft stop point on a decent line and had to be retrived by the instructor. The second incident he bounced off the bottom causing a near silt out condition in the Cavern we were using. This same diver also struggled with his S drill (took him about 15 mins to do it, everyone else did it in 3 to 5 mins). The point I’m making about this is just because someone has a list of certs/specialties that you don’t or more dives, doesn’t make them a better diver then you. This weekend showed me that while I’m not a perfect diver, that I am pretty decent but still have areas to improve. For the most part this weekend I had really good bouyency and it made diving so much more fun. I am looking forward to the other two dives to finish this specialty! Its such an amazing feeling to be in the mamoth openings of these Quary tunnels! I hope to dive this site again soon!


DiveBuddyChgo - 11/09/2009 5:53 PM
So glad you are learning.. Esp that to never trust divers with higher rating or experience.. So they paid thier dues
I got my NSS/CDS Cavern Cert. after 4 days at Ginnie Springs.. If the PADI course didn’t get you into a cave tunnel into a cavern.. Black out your mask and then let you find your own way out with the reel line.. Take the course then you will learn a lot more about weight, the reel line, survival limits and hazards of currents.. It’ll be a lot work and fun at the same time..
Its good to see you are getting involved and learning..But diving a lot is the best practice there is.. Take Care
charstew - 11/09/2009 1:28 PM
You are correct about the Cavern Classes. One gets a reality check from this course. I didn’t do the PADI course but did the NACD. I have been diving for years and learned alot for this course. Check out thie blog I wrote after the class..