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Weekend Dives 7/18-7/19
DivingFirefighter - 7/19/2009 10:26 PM
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Hey everyone! I did my certification dives for AOW this weekend. Five dives in all! I was a great weekend, with lots of firsts! Saturday we did navigation, including using a compass, at one point ended up with ZERO vis and still managed to come back exactly as planned! We also ran some basic search and recovery patterns, U-Pattern, expanding square pattern, and rope circle pattern. Managed to perform all of them will out getting lost even though we had 0-3 FT vis the whole time. Then we had an extended surface interval before our night dive. The night dive was very cool, at one point I looked over towards one of the other groups and you could see the instructors silloute against the lights that were being shined on him, was very cool wish I had a camera so I could have taken a picture! Went home very tired. So this morning (Sunday) we did our deep dive, down to 98 feet, got very cold very quick (44 Degrees F). Was a long trip down and a long trip back. Our instructor blew bubble rings (like smoke rings but with bubbles) durring our 20’ safety stop. It was pretty cool, at about 70’ the bottom drops off in to a rock wall, can’t wait to dive it again! Then we went back for lunch after lunch we did our multi-level dive which was nice, we saw some fish and got to work on boyency some. when we reached 20’ feet did a search for a 2lb weight using a search pattern and found it with in like 4 mins. Then we did a medium object recovery using a lift bag, ended up with perfect neutral boyency which was a very neat thing to see, gave it a little push and off it went! As you can see it was a busy weekend, but I’m glad I did it I met two new buddies and had alot of fun. I can’t wait to get wet again!