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Nitrogenjunky - 11/30/2008 10:54 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Well, once again I just completed a great weekend of diving. I went with two friends diving this weekend, one I have dove with and the other I dove with for the first time. We met up at E-beach on Saturday morning at around 8:30am. We looked at the water and noticed that it was a little on the heavy side, but we went in anyway. The entry was ok, not so bad. We swam out to our drop zone and went down. The current and visibility was so bad that we ended up cutting the whole dive short. So then I went down town to fill my one tank that I used and the moment I get into the shop I see some more of my friends, and so they ask me what am I doing this afternoon, I replied by saying " Well....nothing, why you want to go diving" and they laughed and said yes. So I of course agreed and at around 12:30pm I met them at the boat and we went to "Sulivans"...apparently a new site that has just been open for a few weeks. So we landed there....the place is a reef dive at around 30-50 ft. or water. The place was great, and there was plenty of marine life around for us to see. So I ended saturday with a bang of a set of dives.

So now today (Sunday), I went out with my dive shop, and I met up with my good friend and also an instructor, at around 5:30am at the shop. We got to the harbor at around 6:15am to start setting up the gear for his group of divers. We ended up diving two great sites. The first dive was the Sea Tiger, which is one of my favorite dives. It’s a wreck that sits at 120ft of water, but the deck of the wreck is at 100ft. So we explored that for a while. The visibility was 100ft plus and it was just amazing at how fun it was. We saw a 5ft white tip reef shark swiming around the bow of the boat, I also so a fish and eagle rays. It was just a fun dive...absolutely great. Then we went to the horse shoe was just as great. The visibility was the same and the site depth is at around 40-50 ft. There was a turtle that same up to the group and was very curious as to what we were of the divers had to literally move out of the turtles way, the turtle didn’t want to change direction. He was just really curious, we probably looked pretty odd to him....the turtle was probably thinking something like this...what are these things infront of me blowing large amounts of air bubbles out of their mouths for. They look

So anyway, now I am at home and I am replaying the whole day in my head....and I must tell you all that I now realize why I love diving so much, it’s because of the wonderful people you meet and the great people you work with, and all the amazing beautiful and wonderful animals and creatures that you have a chance to see and at times intermingle with. The ocean is an amazing and beautiful place.

Well everyone, I must go but I will write again soon.

Take care and dive safe Nitrogen Junky