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Thanks for a great weekend Jim
Posted by sparkey
Thanks for a great weekend Jim
sparkey - 7/26/2010 1:09 PM
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Thanks for a great weekend Jim

Just wanted to say Thanks to JRANDAL for an excellent weekend he planed for us at Dutch Springs..he watched over some of us who had less experience and made sure everyone was safe . he knew exactly how to plan each dives so we could get good bottom time and was able to see most of the things at Dutch and was great at navigating to all the points that was planned at the surface and was checking everyone along the way during the dives to make sure everyone had the right amount to continue the planned dive...once again Thank You Jim..hope you’ll consider me on some more of your dives...P.S if there’s anyone who like a great planned weekend at Dutch ya might wana consider contacting ( jimran ) on


jimran - 7/26/2010 1:40 PM
Wow I am blown away ,,thanks for the friendly words I do like to see that everyone has a great time and a SAFE dive when they are with me ,,,you did real good for only having a few dives ,,the things that was tought to me I just pass them on ....anytime on the diving,, I had a blast as always ,,,its not how deep we go its its all about having fun and enjoying the day ,,,,thanks my friend