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I just love diving
Nitrogenjunky - 12/09/2008 12:40 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Here I go again. So this weekend was absolute fun. I met up with my buddy Jeff. We decided to do a shore dive off of Hanauma Bay. We met up infront of Island Divers Hawaii in Hawaii Kai....Jeff had to get some tanks. Then we left there and went to Haunama Bay. When we got there we got our stuff out of our cars and when I was going from my car to Jeff’s car a lady asked her son (somewhere in his 30’s ) what is he doing?..(looking at me) His reply was he’s a Padi Scuba did he now that...I don’t know. Anyway, so Jeff and I got down to the bottome of the hill and set our gear, I asked the Life Guards to please keep an eye on our stuff while we were gone. They said sure of course and then they asked us where were we planning on going and I told them. We went along the left side of the bad as you are looking out onto the ocean and from there we cut across to the center of the bay and went directly out. It was great, at first the vis was not so great but once we got out past the reef a little bit, it was great. So lots of fish and the colors were extravagant. We were gone for almost an hour. We were planning on doing to tanks but since it was getting late we called it a day and good that we did because the Life Guards told us that the park was getting ready to close. It was a wonderful dive.

Now onto Sunday, my day started early, I didn’t feel well....I was up since 4 in the morning because I had a stomach flu. Got it from the food at work. So anyway, I got up at 5 am to meet up with my DMC Instructor at the dive shop. On the way there I felt sick so I had to pull over, once the feeling went away I got back into my car and drove up to the shop. I helped put the gear into the van and I got some hot tea to drink to kill the germ in my stomach...(it worked). By the time we got to the harbor my stomach settled. We put the gear together for the group and when they arrived we met them and off to the first dive site we went. The first dive site was the "YO 257" an old oiler sank by the Atlantis company, for the reef project I guess. That is a 90-100ft dive. The visibility was 90ft that day. When we got there there were 2 white tip reef sharks just crusing around, I got within 6ft of one of them...they are amazing animals. Then from there we headed over to the San Pedro another vessel that was sank about 800 yards from the YO. Both were great dives and lots of animals.. we even saw a turtle just chillin. From there we went to the "Pipe"....that was about a 50ft dive..also very good vis...and there was plenty of life there as well, eels, fish, and many more animals that I couldn’t It was a great day and I am a very happy man.

I have to finish but remember to have fun diving and dive safe.

Good night everyone.

Nitrogen Junky