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Nitrogenjunky - 11/17/2008 3:21 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share a moment today with all of you. I had one of the best days of diving today. I went out on a charter early this morning and went to do a two tank dive. The first dive was the courseair...not sure if I spelled that right...anyway, so this was a WWII training aircraft that ran out of fuel and went down off the coast of oahu in hawaii, in around 102-110 ft /306-330meters of water. I loved it. The vis was awesome and the group that I was with was also awesome. I saw a large amount of garden eels and the group not me myself saw a monk seal and over all the dive was a blast. If you want and you fit you can actually sit in the cockpit. The joy stick that once controled the aircraft is still there and well....the fish play with So that was that dive

Now onto the next dive of the morning. The next dive was a drift dive off the coast of hawaii kai..also it was a absolutley amazing dive. The dive started off at the opening to a cave with the opening at around 50-60 ft/ 150 -180 meters wide. It was absolutely beautiful. I saw a black with yellow strips eel just chillin amoung the rocks hunting....I think...anyway, then we saw a small baby turtle swiming around curious as to who we were....or what we were, and then he swam away. After the group exited the cave we proceeded to do a drift dive. That was really neat because the current just took us and I saw an electric eel. It was about 6ft/18 meters in length, brown in color with white dots on it’s skin, it also was just mingiling in the rocks, waiting for his next fish. The reef was very much alive and the amount of fish was a good sign to see. We ended up surfacing at the opening to Hanama Bay. So as a good educated guess, we covered about a mile underwater....maybe I might be off a little in regards to distance traveled, never the less, the dive was great and the visibility was at about 30-50ft/ 90-150 meters. All I can say is that I will definitly dive with this company again and I absolutely loved it.

I hope you all have a great day and remember to have fun diving and dive safely.

To all...Good night.