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Spanky70 - 3/30/2008 11:38 AM
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Category: Personal
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I wanted to say I had a blast at BTS of course I spent way to much money on new toys and drinks. The dinner was good and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I am looking forward to diving with Robin this summer. I will admit I was putting stickers on everyone. There were a few who got tagged on butt and did not know it. So when Alex and I went back for the film festival I had to go to the bathroom and I saw one of my tagged bottoms it made me laugh. I will say the decompression party was kind of a bore. I say next year we all pitch in and get our own booth. I would help pay for that. Oh well time to go to work and make that extra money for dive things. Sam Buried @ Photocasket

Buried at PhotoCasket


GypsyDiver - 4/04/2008 10:06 PM

It sounds like you had a great time at BTS. So did I. I hope we can do more divebuddy events. Everyone I know that was there had a great time. I hope to see you up at Dutch.