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Morehead City
Spanky70 - 5/27/2008 9:20 AM
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Well I am back from my dive trip to Morehead City.. Doug , Alex and Theo - you guys missed out...

I was amazed by the diving I wore my 7 instead of my Dry suit and it was warmer under the water then above. One Saturday we stared with a dive on the Spur - There one tons of bull and tiger sharks and an abundant about of fish . It was amazing to have a tiger shark swimming next me. I was laughing under water has my dive buddy was coming up out of the wreck and I saw me with a small heard of fish surrounding me. One actually came up to my mask and looked me in the eye. Then a Shark came by and the little bastards hide under me. However when we got back up to the surface we the seas began to get really rough and the captain called the next dive.. Dock and Sandy plus a few others got so sick has the boat would crash down on waves and water sprayed over the whole boat. It was still a great day.. When out to Dinner later that night with the gang and meet some of Sandy’s friends - all I can say is what a great group of people.

Sunday’s dive were out of this world... Dive one was the U-352 I went over the U-boat like there was no other. There were an over abundance of lion fish there. The only part that got me was that my dam mask did not have a good seal, but I did not want to end the dive there were to many places to explore.. So when it was time to finally ascend I held my dive buddies hand and closed my eyes they were burning by now.. lol .. When I got up to the my safety stop and actually sat in the bar like a swing .. and took of the dame mask .. The second dive was the Aeolus .. That I think was one of the best dives.. We dropped down in them middle of the boat and worked our way up through the ship. There was one tight squeeze but I made it . When we finally got to the breeze was there was a huge tiger shark there waiting to pounce on something.. Plus inside the wreck is a gorgeous eel .. Purple with yellow spots... I forgot the name of it ( what the hell did I read the fish books for if I can not remember) . There were actually a few. Doc and I almost went into Dec .. But I managed to keep above 105 to make sure I did not.. but I guess that dive would have been worth it. I could go on and on about the diving and the People I met... It has made me change my mind to move there instead of VA in two years..