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Greg’s attendence of the Meet and Greet at BTS
GypsyDiver - 3/21/2009 12:33 AM
Category: Event
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7 Days to go. Everything is looking good. I see some members are attending. I have received alot of messages about it. It is going to be alot of fun.

Ok, I have been trying to talk Greg into making a trip to Jersey. He is going back and forth on the topic. I think peer pressure may be required. If you think Greg should attend BTS send him a message or make a comment on his page, the blog, or forum. I really think it would help if some more members gave their opinion on whether or not he should attend. I appreciate all of you help!!!!
RAWalker - 3/21/2009 3:17 AM
Hey he works hard keeping this place humming, maybe he’d like to go diving.
Greg - 3/21/2009 8:55 AM
From RAWalker: Hey he works hard keeping this place humming, maybe he’d like to go diving.

It’s funny that you say that RAWalker...because my options are this...go to BTS...OR go spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico. While I do love you all and I’d really like to see everyone...another change to go spearfishing is hard to just give up.

But we haven’t made our mind up yet.
MeetAtBTS - 3/21/2009 3:26 PM
I think that if we get could about 10 members to become lifetime members of Divebuddy that Greg could be convinced to attend BTS this year. If you haven’t become a liftime member, maybe now is the time. Help us get Greg to attend BTS!
GypsyDiver - 3/21/2009 3:29 PM
I know how hard Greg works on this site among all of the rest of his responsibilities. I think a liftime member drive is a good idea. I have benefite quite a bit from being a lifetime member. I hope to see Greg and many more Divebuddy memebers at BTS.