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BTS PSD Seminar
GypsyDiver - 3/28/2008 9:01 PM
Category: Training
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Today, I attended the BTS- PSD Seminar. This is the second year that they have conducteed the seminar. It was definitely worth the money and lived up to it’s advertising. We received several briefs on equipment and it’s pratical uses. The presenters were DUI, SubSalve, DAN, OTS, Seabotix. Each presentation had it merits. OTS had alot of good infomation on Full face masks and communication equipment that could be employed by PSD teams, Seabotix discussed the use of sonar and their ROV. It would be a great thing for any team to have as long as they can afford it. The DUI presentation was the highlight for many thanks to the free PSD hat they gave away to all who attended. The discussion about diving in contaminated water would make some never want to get in the water again. It made me want to attend one of the DUI Dog days where they will do a full demonstration of all the decon equipment and allow you to try their suits. Subsalve gave a great presentation and in one attendee’s word "It was uplifting". I definitely want to see there bags in action for myself. The DAN presentation by Eric (BooksbyEric) was great. There was a great discussion about hyperbaric chambers. From the start, the BTS personnel and the presenters stated they didn’t to present the same information as the year before. I heard great reviews from all who were in attendance. I thought it was a great seminar and I am looking for to seeing what they have next year!