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Malaga Cove
shoupart - 3/11/2008 1:28 PM
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I met up with Anne/HowlingHooves to lay down a late-season lobster assault down at Malaga Cove. I`ve only caught a few bugs this year, and the last one I caught was the biggie on the same dive when that ratfish stung my hand. Anyways, we went to Malaga around 7pm and got in the water. The waves and surf wasn`t bad at all, but the visibility was still pretty reduced. I think it was maybe 5 feet or so? It was still a pretty cool dive. Malaga in March seems to contain every adult horn shark in SoCal (mating season, I suppose?) and we must have seen at least 10 of them over three feet long. But no bugs! I had one that might have been legal, but it squirmed away. The coolest part of the dive was seeing a young moray eel out in the open! It was about 2 feet long and just chilling as I hovered over it, and then it began to slink away, so I followed it a while. I had some equipment problems on this dive. I was using a new wetsuit but I was still pretty cold. i thought my old suit had given and the new one would have more insulation, but even with the water being 57 degrees, I was still really cold. My stupid Light Cannon also drained its power away, not halfway through the dive. I had JUST put new rechargeable batteries in that thing, right out of the package. I dunno what happened. Those Shockwave LED lights are looking real tempting right now. I`m tired of the constant Light Cannon failure. Anyways, after 62 minutes of peering around in the murk, we decided to end the dive and called it a night. We`ll be back, bugs....