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Sunday Dive in Malibu
shoupart - 3/11/2008 1:27 PM
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Category: Travel
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Went out for some lobster hunting with Andrew. I wasn`t sure how conditions would be, so we went near the large rocks, where Andrew pointed out that visibility was usually best. He was right! It was a really nice dive and the viz was better than I expected. we crawled around, looking for bugs. I didn`t see many but I did get some scallops and shot a large kelp bass that attempted to eat one of my scallops. Andrew pulled a couple of bugs out of someplace and we went around, crawling through the kelp. I was getting pretty cold, but having fun. Once we got out of the water and unloaded our catch, we swapped out tanks to some half-filled ones to search for some halibut in the shallows. Sure enough, within the first few minutes of the dive, I was swimming along one of the rock channels when I saw a weird shape approaching in the water. A little too late, I recognized it as a big free-swimming halibut, and when I began to react, it got spooked and zoomed away. I chased after it and saw it laying on the floor, but it took off again when it saw me coming. Damn.