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White Point Jan 17, 2008
Teach2be - 1/17/2008 9:41 PM
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Category: Travel
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Today I went to White Point with Josue. White Point is known for its hot vents and was a hotel and bath house that an earthquake distroyed. The parking is right on the beach and the beach is south facing. Yesterday I went and bought my second 120 steel tank so I would not have to deal with having to play with weight switching from one tank to another. I took off 2lbs but I think I was still a little over weighted so next time I will try another 2lbs off. The hose on the rental computer I used bubbled up so unfortunately we were not able to dive as early as we had liked and forced us to dive once instead of twice. We ended up going in at 3:30ish and the vis was excellent for the area with 10-18 ft vis. The entry was rocky as normal yet the waves were only a foot high with the waves separated fairly far apart in the sets. We dropped to about 20 feet and went no deeper then 28, the water was 55 and had a blue tint. I spotted Sand Bass of good size, a few calico, sheepshead, two garibaldi, and I noticed a lobster that we tried to grab but was to far in the hole and was probably a hair to short of legal. In the hole next to it was a sculpin a foot long. To top it off I finally got to see the hot vents which I found very interesting with my buddy actually warming up his hands since he was getting a little cold. Finally on the way out and back in I saw the railroad tracks that the hotel used.