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Nov. 3 2007 Cabrillo Jetty
Teach2be - 11/09/2007 2:49 AM
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Category: Travel
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We dove on the Jetty for our second dive due to a malfunction in my buddy’s tank. We drove to the shop and decided since Cabrillo was closer we would just dive off of there. Unlike last time the water near the jetty and among the seaweeds were very hazy with a vis about 5 feet and surge was pretty strong. When we swam towards the sand beds where the sand dollars were the vis got better with about 10 ft. My buddy saw a sea lion and I saw a huge garibaldi. There were sand bass and stripped surfperch along the rocks and we hit a spot that the sun came out and all of a sudden it seemed like we were in an aquarium. There were dozens of fish overhead with the kelp swaying back and forth. I also saw a brilliant blue and orange nudibranch, which looked like a Spanish shawl. The sand dollar beds were giant as were the sand dollars within them. It seems that if diving is not good at White Point the diving is best here, and vis a versa. This seems like a nice little site that everyone over looks, but is really nice when looking for a quick and cheap dive with the parking being a dollar per hour. Parking is right at the beach with about 30 paces right to the waves.