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Rubicon Point Dive, 9/7/08
ScubaHawk - 9/10/2008 4:18 PM
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Rubicon Point Dive, 9/7/08

Last Sunday, my wife and I dived Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe California. My wife also tested her new ScubaPro regulator and Oceanic computer.

If you like geology, have good buoyancy control, enjoy german brown trout, tahoe redsides, crawdads, and beautiful scenery, than this dive is for you.

We were diving between huge granite crevices. We were resting on 50’ tall rock pilars while looking down into a cobalt blue abyss that is 750’ below us. At a depth of 50’ to 70’, a person must master his fears to swim over the edge of this reverse slope wall as one bouyancy mistake or equipment failure, if not properly dealt with, will send a person to watery grave where no man will venture to rescue your dead body at 800 feet deep.

The granite, well in some ways it appears to be basalite rock, has lots of pot-holes. Other surfaces are fractured and living in the cracks are bait fish and crawdads who are hiding from the german brown trout that were cruising the wall. One huge boulder, which was the size of a house, was perched atop three other boulders which created a cool swim-through.

We have dived two sections of this wall and are astonished that the world has not discoverd scenery that may be more amazing than Yosemite Valley.

Cathy’s new regulator/computer system worked excellently. At 71’ the water temp was 60 degrees. The vertical visibility was 74’. Others reported 58 degrees at 105’.

Because of our tune-up dives at Tahoe, we are now prepared for our upcoming trip to Moorea!

Gin Clear Water To All!