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Don’t forget the Tunas
ScubaHawk - 1/31/2009 7:40 PM
Hello All, Thanks to Greg for allowing us to insert external blog posts. I know I am stepping on Greg’s toes when I write this next sentence, but, I am going to do it anyways: Please don’t violate decorum by posting dozens of external blog posts on any issue, relevant or not, on this site. Sorry Greg, but that is my opinion. I agree that sharks need worldwide management. I also believe that the tunas need comprehensive world wide management also. I wish that ICAT catch limits would be adhered to...
New BC and Wreck Alley New BC and Wreck Alley
ScubaHawk - 11/13/2008 8:42 PM
I got to dive the Yukon at San Diego’s Wreck Alley again. It has been three years since I dived the Yukon and it has really changed. It is completely loaded with growth including madridians (sp), strawberry anemees (sp), and the kelp is growing quickly. There are lots of fish. As you have noticed, I am not into the little critters and plants as I don’t know how to spell them. We also dived the Ruby E and the rocks of Green Tank, Point Loma kelp beds. Our divers saw lots of garibaldi, lobsters, a...
Moorea, French Polynesia
ScubaHawk - 11/06/2008 9:25 PM
My wife and I are back from Moorea. It is an interesting place and the French people are what make it interesting, well sorta. It is a beautiful place. SCUBA diving at the four dive spots was nice. It is too bad that we had to dive the same spots over and over again because the dive operators won’t dive the 37 miles of shoreline around the island. We saw lots of Blacktip and Lemon sharks. We saw a few grey sharks. The coral was OK. Cathy and I had a blast because we were with each other. If you ...
Dive Report; West Palm Beach, FL
ScubaHawk - 10/12/2008 6:25 PM
Hello All, I have returned from West Palm Beach Florida. I dived for two days on the dive boat Narcosis with crewmembers Capt. Van, Bryan, and Elaine. I highly reccomend Dive Boat Narcosis and its crew. They were fun to be with, their boat was set-up well, it operated well, and the crew was superb. On some boats that I have been on, the crew and divemasters tend to be a little "Nazi-ish". I am an x-professionel mariner who has been around the oceans my whole life; I don’t need a 20 year old, 100...
South Pacific Ocean South Pacific Ocean
ScubaHawk - 9/10/2008 5:45 PM
Hello DiveBuddies, My wife and I are travelling to Moorea in late October. We are staying on a private estate called Te Nunoa. It is owned by an expat and her French Polynesian husband. Moorea is an island that is about 15 miles west of Tahiti at about 17 degrees south latitude. Moorea is supposed to have beautiful reefs, lots of pelagic fish, and brilliant and vibrant colors provided by the healthy coral. We will be fishing also. We hope to catch a fish or two from one of these following specie...
Rubicon Point Dive, 9/7/08 Rubicon Point Dive, 9/7/08
ScubaHawk - 9/10/2008 4:18 PM
Last Sunday, my wife and I dived Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe California. My wife also tested her new ScubaPro regulator and Oceanic computer. If you like geology, have good buoyancy control, enjoy german brown trout, tahoe redsides, crawdads, and beautiful scenery, than this dive is for you. We were diving between huge granite crevices. We were resting on 50’ tall rock pilars while looking down into a cobalt blue abyss that is 750’ below us. At a depth of 50’ to 70’, a person must master his fears...
Dive Report  Lake Tahoe Dive Report Lake Tahoe
ScubaHawk - 8/26/2008 12:48 PM
Dateline 24 Aug 2008 @ 1715 hrs PDT: Emerald Bay is pictured on the BLOG page. Cathy and I dived Lake Tahoe today and had a great time even though our diving was truncated by a first stage reg that was causing a slight free flow and "chattering" with deep inhalations. We definately limited our depth to a very shallow 30’ and enjoyed relatively warm water, a beautiful day, and we enjoyed the clean fresh water. Our surface water temp was 68 degrees and our 30’ temperature reading was 65 degrees. W...
Lake Tahoe Diving Lake Tahoe Diving
ScubaHawk - 8/21/2008 4:48 PM
This weekend, my wife and I will be diving Lake Tahoe. Diving Lake Tahoe is very similar to many fresh water dive sites as marine life is sparse compared to many ocean sites, but Tahoe has several wall dives that some consider to be world class. Also, when you combine the alpine nature of Tahoe, the casinos, the stunning beauty of Lake Tahoe, and yes, the stunning walls of Lake Tahoe, it is understandable why many people love diving Lake Tahoe. I enjoy the geology, the clarity of the water, and ...