Dive instructor parties and future career, Mactan, Cebu
ScubaHaven - 8/30/2011 7:25 AM
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Dive instructor parties and future career, Mactan, CebuLocation: Scotty´s dive center (based in Shangri-la resort and spa). Websites: http://www.divescotty.com http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/cebu/mactanresort

In a same day as we had IE we began to celebrate our dive instructor certifications. We took few beers with Lee in Scotty´s dive center and in evening we met other group in Korean restaurant Most of the guys are divers in these photos from different certification levels and most of them are Japanese. It was very nice dinner and good company. Thank you Cecilia for arranging such a nice event!

Instructor parties in Korean restaurant (Chong sa chorong) Lee and other divers with girlfriends

After a dinner we went with a smaller group to Magellan´s pub to have few draft beers. Very nice evening and so much fun and laugh! My jaws was hurting because of laughing. J

So I passed my Dive instructor (OWSI) exam (IE). What will happen next? I agreed with Scotty´s dive center that my IE is kind of job interview and if I will pass it they will offer me a work. What I do now? I am waiting that my teaching status will be activated that I can begin my work as an dive instructor. This process should take around 2 weeks and while I am waiting that I can do some nice things. I will buy a motorbike (Honda XRM), try Enriched air diving and trimix, going for fun dives and daytrips (hopefully), explore places in Cebu, have a nice time with my finnish friend who just came for a visit. Not a bad way to spend time. J
During my IE I already used Scotty´s dive center uniform to advertise dive center.

Scotty´s dive center uniform
In next story I hopefully have nice underwater photos from dives what I am planning to have now before I begin to work. Dive sites here are very good and beautiful so please stay in tune!