Scuba Haven and Diving in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
ScubaHaven - 2/21/2012 10:50 AM
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Scuba Haven and Diving in Mactan, Cebu, PhilippinesLots of things has happened since I wrote in my blog last time. I have opened a new dive business Scuba Haven in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines. Location is conventionally located close to beach between Shangri-La- and Movenpick resorts (former Hilton). Facilities are fully functional what means that courses can be conducted also in swimming pool or you can get help with equipment beside normal dive shop facilities. Best of this place is that its relaxed and spacious without busy dive shop hassling and rush. I have experience of continuous process improvement in international companies and I believe that I can just do things better. Also I want that my business goes back to roots of fun diving and provide customers more great experiences and adventures than just a routine trips in a busy schedule. For me most important things are fun, safety, quality service, reasonable prices and comfort. Customers are in center and they needs to experience something exceptional what they can memorize later in their homes.

Business has been open only 2 weeks but I have already had some old students and new customers.

Congratulations to Jukka for OWD, Karri for AOWD and Cynthia for AOWD. Thank you Troy and Cynthia for a great dives together!

Me, Karri and Jukka
Dear friend Troy
Dear and old student Cynthia

We make dive trips as customer wants and based on their needs. This is one of the variation to take a big banca boat and have a lunch between diving.

Boats, lunch place in stilt restaurant and beach close to dive shop.

Feeding fishes for a photo shooting
Cynthia with a big heart

Me, Troy and Friendly boat captain
Stilt restaurant

Banca boat waiting at stilt restaurant
Good band playing music by request at stilt restaurant
Leaving from dive shopCynthia going for a diving

Set menu at stilt restaurant (very fresh)
Fresh bananas and mangos
Great day and lots of FUN!

Here are some photos from different dive sites.

Dive site Tambuli with an airplane.

Big turtle with 2 remores
Plane underwater
One of the lion fishes
Some corals
Big turtle. Nice shot from Cynthia.
Turtle (by Cynthia)
Cynthia at the planeBeautiful seastar
My friend thought that i was the pilot of that plane. :D

Dive site Dakit Dakit with 5000 sardines

Banded seasnake
Just amazing! Troy with huge school of sardines.
Photos cannot capture the true feeling and amount of sardines!Close-up of sardinesGreat Wall of China made of sardines!Follow the streamClark Anemones (orange variation)
Troy just amazed.Sardines formed different shapes in horizontal and vertical. Tornado!

Dive site Talima with a wreck
Troy is OK!Corals
Diagonal sweetlips, spadefishes, damsel fishes, barracudas, jacks. Just name it!

Diana’s Chromodoris
Cynthia at the wreck. So many fishes!
Surgeon fishes, Rock rock!
Damsel fishes, butterfly fishes like Raccoon butterfly fish
Raccoon butterfly fishes, blue-barred parrotfishes etc.

Diagonal sweetlips

What an amazing diving with a great people! I have a dream job to fulfil dreams.
I just made a fan page in Facebook (link can be found from top of this blog) and there is already 63 persons who like my page. Thank you so much for supporting!