Instructor Exam (IE), Mactan, Cebu (Queen of South Philippines)
ScubaHaven - 8/30/2011 6:52 AM
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Instructor Exam (IE), Mactan, Cebu (Queen of South Philippines)Location: Bellavista hotel, Angel Marine dive center (based in Crimson Beach resort and Spa)Instructor Exam (IE): 27-28.8.2011MI: Lee ButlerCD: Cecilia MasudaInstructor Assessor: George Wegmann (Padi Australia)

After 2 weeks hard studies in Instructor Development Course (IDC) I was ready to take IE. Master Instructor Lee Butler prepared me so well during IDC so i was confident to take IE. Of course everything can happen in stressful IE but I was ready.
“The purpose of the IE is to evaluate your knowledge and skills in order to make sure they are sufficient to earn a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification. It is an evaluation program that tests your teaching ability, dive theory knowledge, water-skills, understanding of the PADI System and attitude and professionalism. The IE is a standardized evaluation conducted by Instructor Examiners who work for the various PADI Offices.
The IE is run by professional PADI Instructor Examiners from the local PADI Regional Headquarters, which goes a long way to ensure that your Instructor assessments are correct and without bias.You will be tested both on your dive theory and knowledge as well as your personal dive skills and teaching presentations and these will occur in a classroom type environment, additionally these exams take place in both confined (pool) and open water (normally the beach if local dive conditions allow) environments. Confined water environments for the PADI IE is normally restricted to swimming pools to aid administration and logistics.”

Instructor candidates me and Shin (Japanese).
Instructor candidates me and Shin
August 27th was a day for dive theory, knowledge and teaching presentation (class room).. These were components of dive theory and PADI Standards and procedures. (I need to re-check because I cannot remember all scorings). Passing score in theory exams are 75% and presentation 3.5.

TopicDescriptionScoring Dive theory Classroom Exams

PhysicsPhysics related with diving83% General Skills & EnvironmentGeneral diving questions92% RDP – Recreational Dive PlannerRDP rules and usage83% PhysiologyDiving physiology92% EquipmentDive equipments and mechanic92% PADI Classroom Exams

PADI Standards & ProceduresBased on instructor manual and guide to teaching92% Classroom Presentations

Knowledge Development Teaching presentation (topic RDP)Not my favourite topic RDP and I forgot to use dive profiles as an example. 3.8

Dive theory went as I expected but especially I am not happy with Knowledge development teaching presentation because my best score in IDC exercises was 4.5.

IE in Bellavista
August 28th was a day for pool/ confined water teaching presentations and open water presentations.
These are the components of second day. Because of stress I made few terrible mistakes but fortunately I made a high scoring in other parts so I managed to pass all. I got a nick name already from my Instructor because of my pocket mask use in Rescue exercise. :D As said earlier that anything can happen when you are stressed. I need to check scoring because I cannot remember everything exactly.

Pool/ Confined Water Teaching PresentationsDescriptionScoring Confined water presentations (1 random skill)Cesa (Horizontal), Open water course. Poor visibility and should have demonstrated also when I swim back to students (front and back). 4.x Confined water skills (5 random skills)Regulator recovery and clearing, Mask removal and replacement, CESA, Neutral Buoyancy, Alternate air source use (stationary)4.x Rescue Exercise 7 demonstration (unresponsive diver on surface)Unresponsive diver on surface. Everything went well except my pocket mask placement was disaster. :Dx.x Open Water Presentations

Open water teaching presentation (2 random skills)Partially flooded mask clear (OWD), Underwater navigation (Adventures of diving). First skill score 4.8 but other one not well because inaccurate distance calculation (6m). 3.5

Here are few photos from IE (2nd day).
Briefing and De-briefing while assessor (George Wegmann) makes notes.

Briefing and De-briefing
Group photo before we entered to water. My instructor Lee gave me last moment support.

Me, George, Cecilia, Lee and Shin

Me and Lee

Few simple mistakes which almost lead to disaster but fortunately other scoring compensated those mistakes. Cannot be happy with performance but main thing is to pass all tests which I DID!
I am Dive Instructor now (OWSI) and very happy about it after hard work!!!
Here are some photos on beach after I got my OWSI certification.

2 new OWSI Oh yeah!