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Mike from San Luis Obispo CA | Scuba Diver

I was OW certified last summer and have done about a dozen non-guided dives since then either from the Spectre boat out of Ventura, or beach diving on the Central Coast and at Casino Point, with depths up to 85 feet. I have everything I need to dive in cold water, any weekend day, including full air tanks. I’d probably dive every weekend if I had the time and willing dive buddies. My wife is generally my dive buddy, but I think all of the dive planning and gear is a little overwhelming for her to want to dive as much as I do, so I would be interested in expanding my dive buddy circle to get into the water more.


SLOMike - 4 days 9 hours ago.
My membership is now live!
SLOMike - 6 days ago.
I have 2 of those "Web Site Help" messages pending. I’ll try to send another one.
SLOMike - 8 days 1 hour ago.
My account is not letting me post or reply to anything, so please shoot me a text or email (at if you want to communicate regarding potential dives on the Central Coast of CA. I will update my status whenever my account gets approved and I receive "post and reply" privileges.
AOWTimN - 6 days 1 hour ago.
Go to the Forum tab/ More Categories/ Web Site Help and post your problem. hope that helps.